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31 Days 2020 Edition Day 27: Elegy


Songs much like masks were a very fun, but seldom used mechanic with only a select few that really mattered or had use beyond a couple of encounters or very specific situations. It’s a shame because some of them are really cool.

Elegy of Emptiness: Majoras Mask (Hylian Ensemble)

I choose this piece because it’s a really good song, but of course it is a very short piece in the original so I chose the Hylian Ensemble cover.

Music as a whole hasn’t been absent from Zelda games but nothing ever really managed to recapture the magic of the 64 games in this regard. With Breath of the Wild 2 on the Horizon it would likely be much too late to see any sort of music mechanic make it in game, but I believe it would be a very good fit. Imagine calling the song of storms to smite enemies with lightening or generate powerful winds. How about clearing the clouds in an area with the Suns’ song or even summoning empty vessels to fight alongside you with today’s pick, Elegy of Emptiness. You could even find other uses for melodies in the over world but these are quick and easy choices off the top of my head. They could make for some very interesting scenarios be it quests or simple organic play. It would be pretty fun to litter a field with metal spears and have the Song of Storms unleash a barrage of bolts on those makeshift lightning rods, especially if they were planted into an enemy camp.

That said I doubt any of this will make it in. Nintendo has a decent track record of not reusing some of it’s more unique mechanics beyond a callback or two if the game isn’t a direct sequel or really close in release time. Rings, Masks, and Songs are but a few examples of the many ideas that haven’t made a return to another Zelda game beyond one or 2 installments that were close together. The Rox cape made a spiritual return with the glider but that took 16 years (Note: Some might recall the Deku leaf from Wind Waker but that is only a glider. The Rox Cape gives you the ability to jump and glide at will like breath of the wild while the Deku leaf does not hence it doesn’t count). It is my hope that as they pursue this new direction for the franchise that they consider some of these long forgotten mechanics and take the leap in implementing a few.


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