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News in Film : New Hellboy 2 Teaser Trailer

Well I wanted to get this one in here quick, and I did, so now I have time to actually review this sucker. I actually had to dig through a bunch of HTML to get the code, I can't believe it worked!

Anyways, I'll say it first : this looks dumb. I appreciate the art, the SFX, the humor, and of course Hellboy in itself. I cannot appreciate the cheesy dialouge (so far), and the fact that the main protagonist is a freaking albino. Now that I think about it, 20% of me liking the first Hellboy probably had to do with the fact he was battling ancient Nazi's. That's so cool. Yeah, awesome.

After Pan's Labrynth I expect more in terms of story and dialouge. He hasn't really let us down in terms of mythical creatures and effects, but time will tell.

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