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Friday Night Fights 21 : Season Beatings


Max Vest & bhive01 get extra coal in their stocking this year for their epic photo skills.

It's the season folks, it's the smell of pine, the taste of eggnog, those paid vacation days, and of course Friday Night Fights. Yes, Turkey Day we saw and abrupt halt to FNF, but Christmas won't be so lucky.

Now I know I promised you guys this all new stylish Friday Night Fight layout, but truthfully as you all know, I've been sick. Still am too, but that hasn't stopped me from posting entirely. If there is a FNF for the New Years, then by that time the new layout should be complete. Hopefully.

How about you Destructoid? Feeling the seasonal sickness? Or maybe you just want to get to the damn games already. I understand, I love games too! Sadly I can't host everything I'd like, so I'm asking you guys again to speak up for being super swell guys and feel they'd like to host. Don't forget to mention what game you guys want to play, and your screen name of all things.

I really want to hear from you guys, and of course it isn't just me who is doing all this for us. There are many, many others that have taken the reigns of this great community night, after Destructoid dropped it, and we would like to know your feedback. How do you like FNF? Have your experinces been good or bad? Have you had trouble with getting in contact for hosts? What would you do differently? How would you do it Destructoid?

Your opinions matter more than you know!

Hey there! Have an XBOX 360? Can't remember who is who and where to find what? Well don't forget to add Destructoid FNF and Destructoid FNF 2 as a buddy & as a friendly reminder for yourself!

To get any additional information needed on Friday Night Fights, or to even discuss the events before or afterwards, then please visit the Official Friday Night Fights Forums

What? Stop gawking! What's that? You don't remember what to do? Well a quick tutorial of Friday Night Fights is all you need.
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