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Game In Progress: August 2020


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Short and sweet, again!

Videogames like Fall Guys, Tony Hawk's 1 & 2, and Warzone pulled me me in hard this time around. Work would drain me mentally, so it was nice to just play and lose myself for a few hours before going to bed to do it all over again the next day. One would think a virtual workplace would offer more time for myself, but I'm working more than I ever was.

But still healthy and alive, so can't complain too much.

Honestly, this time I put it off for so long and when I finally did the thing, it literally took 10 minutes to do. And that was only because of a typo that messed things up for a little bit.

I last left off researching how to reference my different shapes and trying to spawn them onto the scene/level. Well, after a few minutes catching up, I was able to do just that.

spawn object code

Instantiate and Resources.Load are the two bits of code that help me out here.

With Resources.Load, I'm just telling my game to load in the Sphere object from the 3-D shapes folder which is then referenced as a GameObject type. Instantiate then simply spawns it. All this happens right as soon as the game is started.

However, while researching this code, it seems as if Resources.Load might not be the best way to go anymore. Reading various posts and comments leads me to believe there are more efficient ways to go about doing this. I'm not entirely sure, but I will leave it for the time being.

Luckily this bit of code works and after a few minutes of trial and error, BAM! My shape spawned in.

My next step will be to reference all the shapes inside the folder and randomly choose one at the start of the game and also whenever the user needs a new shape after completing their last shape puzzle. Also, I will need to add a script to have the user be able to rotate the shapes.

So, there's still more code to work on, but at least we're past the pre-planning stages and actually doing development.

I'm going to try to bust out another week of development so I can give hopefully give an update for September. Which will then lead to another quick one for October, shortly thereafter. Until next time!

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