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Monthly Streaming Contest Idea - I Need Your Input!


Hello everyone!  I am looking for your feedback on a community based streaming contest, that would happen monthly!  I have outlined what I think would work, but would love any comments on what you think would and wouldn’t work.


Community Monthly Streaming Contest - recurring each month!

Mission Statement:

This contest is a celebration of our community, and the content outside of the site that we put together.  Everyone should be on equal footing, as best as we can provide, to showcase their abilities.  This is NOT designed as serious business - instead this is a bunch of dudes and lady-dudes getting together to warm our cold dead hearts over some gosh darn videogames.

Who is Eligible?

If you are reading this, you are eligible!

Round 1 (First 2 weeks of the month):

Do your show as normal.  Any content is fine as long as you aren’t breaking Twitch or Youtube’s TOS.  At the end of the 2 weeks, you must submit no more than 3 clips from your show that you like the most.  Something funny, an excellent display of skill, a great moment of interaction with chat, whatever - something that would make people want to watch you.  I don’t know the max length of clips on twitch, but each clip shouldn’t exceed 30 seconds.  These clips will be compiled and put into a Youtube video (We would need someone to do this and probably a new account for it). Every clip submitted goes in as long as it isn’t super crass or whatever.  A CBlog is created with that video and a poll where people can vote on their favorite clips.  I’m assuming as long as its in a cblog we should stay within the community and also only get community feedback.  

After 1 week of voting time, whichever streamers have the 3 most popular clips moves on to round 2.

 Round 2 (Last Fri/Sat/Sun of the Month):

Each contestant draws straws to get their day of the week, and for that night, we all make a push to view their channel.  They should be prepared to Zoom/Skype/Ventrillo a judge for the start for an interview, which will follow the basic format:

  • Get to know the contestant questions (how long you have been on the site, how long have you been streaming, what are you playing lately, tell us about yourself kind of stuff).  
  • Review and discussion about the context of the clip they submitted
  • Random piece of video game trivia

From there, they have as long as they want to play for the night.  If you want to play for 10 minutes, go for it, or if you are good for 4 hours, that’s fine too!

On Monday, a CBlog will be created with a poll for which of the top 3 streamers was the most enjoyable to watch that weekend.  The winner of that poll wins the mystery of the prize.

The Prize:

I think for a monthly contest, under 50 would be a sweet spot, and I can probably stake most of that each month.  I think a ‘flavor of the month’ game - i.e. Fall Guys would be best as a prize, but cash is always good.  I’m a sucker for charity as well, so I would definitely push for that.  So maybe 50 cash for a prize, and 60 if its for charity?  This is the weakest part of my plan.

That’s my “submission” for a community contest.  I wanted to keep the timing for the first part very open, so no one has to play at off hours for them.  In addition, everything would be hosted and posted on the mothership except for the ‘finals’.  Finally, I think this would be great as a monthly showcase - the format is rapid fire, so it should be sustainable.  What do you think?  What improvements or pitfalls do you see?  

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