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Cave In - an Experimental Card Game


Cave In

I had an idea to make a card game the other day that plays similarly to Screw Your Neighbor combined with Cash And Guns.  Figured I would type it out to see if it makes sense, and unleash it on you all if you wanted to try it out or give suggestions for improvement.

Players: 4 to 8

Requires a standard deck of playing cards.

Starting Hand Cards:

Red queen - Take a card from another player’s pot

Black queen - The player to your left takes a card from your pot

Red jack - Take an unrevealed card and play it as your own

Black jack - You must play the top card of the discard pile

Starting Hole Cards:

For 5-6 players, only use 2 through 7, for 7-8 players use the full deck.


Shuffle all hole cards in one pile, and all hand cards in another pile.  Each player gets 1 hand card and 1 hole card, both face down.


Determine a player to play first.  Each round, the person who goes first should be moved clockwise.


At the start of each round, each player may look at their hole card and hand card.  Going in clockwise order, each player may swap their hand card for the hole card, or swap their hole card for another player’s hole card.  You may pass your turn instead of swapping.  Any card received from another player is received face down, and you may not look at it.  Continue clockwise until all players have swapped up to twice.


Starting with the first player, you may reveal your hole card.  If you do not, place it face down in the discard pile.  Otherwise, place the card into your pot.  If the card was a Jack or Queen, resolve the effect as listed above.  If the card is a King or Ace, you are removed from future rounds, but your score stands until the end of the game.

Next Round

Without shuffling the deck, deal out 1 more card to each surviving player, then continue play from Swapping.

Ending the Game

Gameplay ends when one player remains, or when the entire deck is gone.  Score all cards in your pot, whoever has the highest score wins - even if that player was knocked out in a previous round.

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