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Updated My Journal: TLoU2 Notes


There's plenty of The Last of Us: Part 2 reviews going 'round the internet these days and most of them are quite interesting. Lots of polarizing opinions and what not. And while not everyone loved the game as much as I did, Naughty Dog did elicit strong reactions from many, so, mission accomplished I guess.

Figured I'd share my thoughts as well, but I wanted to do something a little different. In the game, Ellie's notebook plays a great role in her character development if you dive in and read her entries. They're all very interesting (as well as all the notes scrawled around the enviroments in the game) and worth reading. Figured I'd do a little homage.

I usually take notes on the games I play and TLoU2 takes the cake for the most notes I've ever scribbled. All of these were more or less written down as I was playing and are my initial reactions and thoughts. There's really nothing deep or philosophical or interesting in here. Some opinions I have scribbled may have changed and this is kind of just a blow by blow account. A week after playing and having time to digest and discuss with you all I still feel the game is a 10/10 masterpiece and definitely have a lot of introspection and critiques bubbling in my head, but would rather discuss that in the comments or in a separate blog (should I ever feel inspired to write one, and definitely after another playthrough).

I know my handwriting and cell phone camera skills are absolute shit, so if there's anything you can't read, ask me in the comments and I'll translate :)

And, it goes without say: 


Just wanted to show off my super cool Zelda notebook :)

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