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The Destructoid Quarantine Jackbox Party Pack Bash!


Hello friends! 

Quarantine has been starting to really get to me. I desperately need some socialization! So we're going to attempt to play a Jackbox Party Pack game. Anyone who wants to is welcome to join. This blog will explain what's going on. I'll use a Frequently Asked Questions format.

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Who can play?

Anyone that wants to!

When are we playing?

We will play on Saturday, May 30th 2020, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. You'll have to adjust to figure out where your time zone fits into this. I don't know how long we'll play. It depends how many people show up and how much fun we're having. I can't see it going longer than 2 hours. I'll be very surprised if it lasts even that long. But we'll play it by ear. If you don't make it right at the start time, that's okay. Show up when you can. If we're still playing, we'll do our best to rope you in for a round.

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What do I need in order to play?

Very little! You won't need to buy any of the jackbox party pack games on any system. You will have to do 3 things, essentially:

First, you'll need to watch my stream (my twitch name is Filmluck). It can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/filmluck You can watch that on a computer, a PS4, XBone, or via the twitch app on your phone or tablet. But you need this to be a separate device from whatever device you're actually using to play (well, on computer you could just use different windows and it would be fine).

Second, you'll need to connect to our audio call. We should be able to use the unofficial dtoid discord server (called Communicord). Also, if any of the admins of Communicord read this and have objections, please let me know ASAP so I can find an alternate solution) If you don't have a Discord account, you'll need to make one! It's easy, and free. If you aren't a part of Communicord, here is a link to join https://discord.gg/gYhRQB  This link will expire in a day. 

Once you're in, open up the app on your phone (it may also be useable on computer, but I've never tried that) and go to the Communicord server. Once it's opened up, you'll want to look for a specific "channel." There is a subheading called "LET'S PLAY TOGETHER" that houses the channel. The channel itself is called multiplayer_voice_chat. I've never done this before (so, apologies for any challenges we encounter). But once you're in there, you click "Connect to Voice" and it should get all the players in together onto a single voice call. I do hope you'll remember your etiquette and mute yourself when you don't need to speak in order to reduce background noise.

Finally, in order to play the game itself, you'll just open a browser on any device (phone, tablet, computer, whatever), and go to https://jackbox.tv/ and you'll play everything in your browser. You won't need to install any programs or apps or browser extensions. You won't need to buy any copies of the game. Just have access to these 3 systems and you'll be able to play!

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What is this game we're playing?

Jackbox makes a series of games called Party Packs. They all function more or less the same way. We'll being playing number 3 tomorrow, specifically. Basically each pack has like 5 or 6 small games within it.

They're very simple party games. They work best if all players are in the same room, but most of the games are playable on stream like this. Each game lasts around 10 minutes or so, so we can play several rounds of different games if we like. 

When we start a game, there will be a room code. I will have this code hidden, so you won't be able to see it on stream. I will provide it in the discord chat. 

Most of these games have a limit of around 8 players. So if more people show up (who knows if they will), we will have to take turns. That won't be difficult as each game is short, as I said. And you can still watch and laugh and enjoy when you're not playing for a round. Just please be civil. I will do my absolute best to make sure that everyone gets their fair share of turns.

I'll briefly explain the games we'll be playing, but you don't really need to read this. Each game will have instructions as we play them, and they're very easy to understand.

Trivia Murder Party

This is just a trivia game, but you're a little character in a house where you can get murdered. If you get a question wrong, you die. If you get questions right, you make progress. The goal is to be the first character to leave the murder house. Most of what you'll be doing here is just answering trivia questions. There may be a couple smaller minigames in it, but those you'll just follow the instructions and do your best.


This is just a game of jokes. You just type jokes in response to prompts. Then people vote on their favorites. This game can be really funny if the players are witty. If the players aren't funny, this game won't be. Guess we'll see how it goes!

Tee K.O.

This is a drawing game. You'll make little drawings of literally anything you like. Then you'll write little words or phrases. The game will spit out some drawings and phrases back to you. You will pick one of the drawing and one of the phrases. These will go together and become a t shirt design. Then everyone votes on the best t shirt design. There's a few rounds of this.


We'll give this a try I think, I've only played it once before and didn't love it, but it might be more fun with a larger group of people. I've only played it with 4 players. Essentially, you're given a fact and you have to guess the percentage of people that the fact applies to. For example, "This percentage of people have mistaken mannequins for actual humans before." Then you have to guess what that percent is.

Will we ever do this again? What if I miss my chance?

I hope so! It just depends on how this goes. If people show up. If they have fun. If they want to do it again. I'm definitely open to doing it again. And I don't have to be the only one organizing this. Anyone else is welcome to head up a stream of one (or more) of these games! If you have (or buy) one of these games on a system that allows streaming, then please feel free to set up a time and invite everyone! If I can be of help, let me know.

Please ask whatever additional questions you have down below and I will answer them! Hope to see you tomorrow!

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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