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A Quarantine Kept Diary - Day #66


Feature - Recordando a Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon ...

Writing for the record, yet another thing I'll be doing these days. In my country, the quarantine started on March 17th so, today marks the 66th day of social distancing, lockdown, and a myriad of events that everyone has gone through. If I were to write all of the things I have done and refrain from doing, I wouldn't finish but again, for the record, I am writing this down.

Cleaning, cleaning every inch

Cleaning has always been special to me. From feeling nostalgic from finding certain relics to find that which one believes was lost forever, doing this has sure brought a certain amount of laughs here at home and I can now rest knowing where most of the things (that are not mine) are. I found quite a lot of things I can use for teaching while I cannot teach, not in a classroom, I mean.

I couldn't find games scattered around the house, but I did find disc cases and reorganizing games felt exciting, as it always does.

YouTube backlog

No matter how hard I try to keep my 'Watch Later' list empty, I can never seem to do it. Having 20-30 videos over there makes me anxious to watch them all, and I do, only to put more videos in there later. Nevertheless, I have managed to watch some videos I have left aside due to obvious reasons. How was I doing before all of this happened? I don't remember having so many videos on that list, and I was able to watch them all while working and all. I am confused.

No, seriously, how was my life before all of this happened?

Movies & TV Shows

Random fact: Despite I am a native Spanish speaker, I like watching things in English or in their original language, for that matter. However, this came to pass and so my rule was forgotten. That allowed me to watch many things with my family rather than all by myself as I am used to. A good side of social distancing has surely been that doing things with my family can be fun, for a change, and I do most things alone.

These openings were incredible.

Sticking to movies and TV Shows, I, or should I say me and my relatives have watched before quite the classics (Mission Impossible, to name one) and TV Shows that for unknown reasons none of us have watched before. These two being Castlevania from season one to three, and Titans. Not forgetting about what I wanted to watch, I finally watched Persona 5 The Animation, and I only remember and enjoy some songs, and that's it. I'll stick to the game, this anime didn't do its source material much justice.

Oh, and I have watched some movies from 2020, too, being this one my favorite so far:

Never Rarely Sometimes Always en iTunes

Yet another piece of media I'll use in my classes once all of this is over. I give games and movies five stars... This one was given ten.

Gaming at a random pace.

At the beginning of this year I said I would be finishing 15 games per quarter, but this changed. June was supposed to be the month when I would be beating 30 games this 2020, but now May is taking its place. I have been playing Fear Effect 2 since God knows when, is that game and three others and that's it, 30 games beaten this 2020.

Such a change in my gaming schedule took me by surprise and while I spent some days doing anything but playing, I have come to terms with it and decided to get back at it to finish what I started. I can beat you, Fear Effect 2, no matter how difficult and unfair you may be.

Logo for Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix by RealSayakaMaizono - SteamGridDB

Do I want to play Fear Effect Sedna after this in the future? I don't know.

This is just the 66th day by the time of this writing. How many more days will this last? What will I do? There are so many unanswered questions that only time will help me and all of us figure out.

Thanks for Reading.

- As expected, video games made this possible.

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