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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #109 - Time Travel Is Dangerous


Featuring Chrono Trigger , Claude-Michel Schönberg, Bach and Noel and more.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

for this weeks entry I will attempt something that might be a first for this blog: The decomposition of an entire song. This is a rather difficult task as it involves multiple complementary finds that are in themselves difficult to get. So please excuse me if something is not 100% optimal :). The song of our interest is named "Chrono & Marle - A Distant Promise", a touching song that usually plays during plot events that develop the romantic relationship between the two eponymous protagonists:

Let's begin with the first part starting at 0:00. For this one I can first offer the song "On My Own", the lament of Fantine from the musical Les Miserables (1985). If you drop a note here and there, you can produce something pretty similar to the Chrono & Marle section (I used a music box version for better comparison):

Of course, if you prefer a copyright free version you can also take the 2nd movement from Edvard Griegs 2nd Peer Gynt Suite, slow it down by 50% and convert it several keys lower. :)

Moving on to the second part starting at 0:16. For this one I can offer a section from Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air On The G String" from 1731. Again, I chose a music box version for better comparison (note: The song is slower than Chrono & Marle. I recommend setting 1,5 - 2x speed):

Of course, if you prefer a folksy background you can also take a snippet from the song "Try To Remember" by Harvey Schmidt, here in the version by The Brothers Four. (Hey, this one is also from a musical: The Fantasticks (1960) ).

Now let's go to the third and last part, starting at 0:25. This one is a tough one as I didn't find much yet in the likely resources (japanese folk rock or internationally renowned stuff). Thus, I have to resort to what I have: "Dancing Is Dangerous", a somewhat obscure disco song by artist Noel from 1979 (to be fair: The song HAS been released in Japan in 1979):

Of course, this song is tightly connected with another one from the soundtrack. That one will be next week. :)


Phil out.

Update 17/05/2020: 

A honorable mention for the first section: "Sail Away To The Sea" by the Strawbs and Sandy Danny from 1973:

Update 21/05/2020:

Another challenger for the first section and overall feeling of the song has appeared: "Sozo" by japanese multi-genre artist "KitarĊ" (1990) (Note: The same motive is used in other songs of his, like "Reimei" which is from the same album) :

Update 28/10/2021:

Okay, I think I can now fully explain this song through Baroque music:

Part 1:

Vivaldi - Trio Sonata RV 820 (Adagio) - First 20 seconds:

For the second part, instead of Bach a very short snippet

Del Vivaldi / RV 235 in D minor:

Or by Handel:

Sonata No. 6 in D major, HWV 385

HWV 466:

And for the third part instead of Noel, how about this one:

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for violin, strings & b.c. in E minor (RV 274):


Handel: Vespro per la Madonna del Carmelo II) Laudate Pueri

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