Unpopular Opinion: Story-wise FFVII Remake is 99% awesome.




Apparently I'm of the unpopular opinion that FFVII-Remake is awesome. I totally understand that a lot of people just wanted a photocopy of the same story with prettier graphics, which if done with FFVIII (my favorite) I would totally love. That said, I would suggest you do what I did a month before FFVII Remake came out. I bought FFVII on the Switch and beat it for the 5th or 6th time. I would suggest that if you want the story to stay the same, just go back and replay the original.  Nothing wrong with that. Aside from the characters still looking as ugly as they did 23 years ago, it's still an amazing game. I mean the first 3 times I beat it between 97-98 I probably spent close to 200 hours playing if not more.  The clock maxed out at 99:99.


That said, the deviations in the Remake story make it way more interesting to me.  I've already seen Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Aerith, President Shinra, Rufus (even though he apparently survived as seen in Advent Children), etc, die multiple times. I have already seen and fought the same enemies a bunch of times.  So when a Remake (more like reboot) of FFVII deviates from the original FFVII it excites me and keeps me guessing as to what might happen.  Life is too short to relive the same exact memories over and over again just going through the motions.  


I'll probably expose myself to ridicule, which is fine, but I would be ok with Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Aerith, and Zack living and having other parts of the story.  We have had countless Final Fantasy games where characters die and we have had a few were none die, and that doesn't make them any less good.  We already know Aeristhsthths dies, we already know Zack dies, what if they lived? I always wondered.  Well, maybe in this universe they get to live and the story sucks, or maybe it's great.  I'm here for the ride though.   I know it's impossible to make everyone happy. I suppose I didn't expect the level of complaining and vitriol I have seen un some places or boycotting for boobs or because it's not the same story verbatim or bashing the game because it has dementors/Ringwraiths, etc.  I just hope it sells like gangbusters so I can see where this goes to its conclusion.  Once it's all said and done maybe then I can complain if I think it suck, or keep praising it for how refreshing it is to see such an interesting take.  I liked this game enough to make a long blog about this and in 7 years I have probably done only 5 or 6 of these long ass blogs....and look it's not even that long.

Anyways, I care enough about the game to write about it and I care enough about this community so I want to read your opinions.  Even those that disagree.

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