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Social distancing brought me back to blogging.


Not to mention or remember what is happening right now, the title says it all. As a gamer since I was four years old and blogger since 2009, two have been my previous gaming sites where I used to blog, and then, someone told me about this place. Third time's the charm? Guess I will see, but let me go back two years ago.

It was in 2018 when I had to stop blogging due to that site shutting down such an option, and since then that hobby had been dormant. However, I have been writing over my social media from time to time, making things short, though, but never letting my writing go to waste.

Back to present time, here I am writing yet again in a video game site new to me, not that such a thing means anything bad. On the contrary, I am going to try my very best to follow and apply every rule that there is to follow. Who knows? Maybe all of the experiences I have had and the games I have played since my last blog will make the ideas pop in (I hope so). Do I have ideas for this third blogging renewal of mine? Besides retro reviews, only a few gaming-related topics come to mind but that is for later. As of now, I only want to do another thing besides gaming and watching TV Shows, and then I asked myself: "What if I go back to blogging, for a change?" And then a message brought me here. It only took the trust I have on the person who told me to come here and reading about this place (both from the outside and the inside before creating an account) to convince me to sit in front of my PC yet again and this time with another thing to do: to write. It feels good writing more than three hundred words again, it really does.

It is curious, so far it has taken me to two years to come back to write after stopping writing. Consequently, I see a pattern here and I can only hope for the best.

As a preview of sorts, I may be writing reviews or topics related to gaming based upon my current gaming schedule, which is to finish 15 games in three months, what I learned from them and how experiences in this world affect my gaming and vice versa, as this tends to happen a lot when I interact with people. Oh yes, for the record, I am a Teacher. I teach English as a second language to Spanish native speakers like myself, and trust me on this one, gaming always gets its way into my classes, always. Also for the record, when requested to write a saying to use over here, the one I used "As expected, video games made this possible" is very true now that I think about it.

And that concludes this blog. Namely my first one on this site, but one of the many that I have written and expect to write.

Thanks for reading.

- As expected, video games made this possible.

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I'm Exber, not related to my name by any means. I'm from Venezuela and I'm an English Teacher.

I have been playing video games since I was 4 years old. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is my first gaming memory.

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2022: Super Paper Mario
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I try to learn the most I can with every video game, thus my Retro GOTY winners won a place in me. Best examples are Persona 4 (2008) and Final Fantasy IX (2016).

GameSpot and GameInformer were the sites that granted me the opportunity to blog prior to coming here. Good times.

I'm currently 29 years old. Come May 10th and I'll level up.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite number: 4.

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