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Game Pitch: 'Katamari Racing'


I saw a gif of someone glitching out in Forza the other day - the road suddenly disappeared underneath the car, and the car was suspended in air doing 600 miles per hour.  It got me thinking about how fun it would be to have a game where you just got faster and faster throughout the course of it. So could you apply the exponential growth factor of Katamari with the speed and intensity of Burnout?  I think it would be awesome!

Imagine, you start as a Hotwheels car in some kids’s room, riding on a crappy plastic track.  You have a little virtual speedometer showing you going faster and faster as you hit the boosters.  You slam off a loop and hit a ramp, and bam, you are racing around the room. A dedicated button for flipping (similar to Rocket League), and a button for slamming back onto the ground so you can land your sweet corkscrews and frontflips to get more boost.  You jam the boost, but even once it's over, it doesn’t go back down. You just keep going faster and faster, drifting around corners to build up meter to keep going faster until either you crash, or you hit the gate for the next zone.

Now that the car is doing a virtual 120 MPH, you can race around the house, doing topspins off of dishes, ramping off the dog, avoiding the cat pawing at your car, doing tricks to turn off the TV, until the front door opens.  You rocket out there, and the display changes - now instead of doing a virtual 120, you are doing a real 20 MPH down city streets. A buzzer starts to ring as you are wearing your way down the sidewalks between pedestrians and bicycles, then you finally hit 25 MPH to clear the level.

You pick the next level, but instead of a hotwheels car, you are now an RC car, racing through an office building.  Taking out the inbox, bcc’ing the boss, taking a shit on Deborah’s desk, all that good stuff, until you break back out into the street.  From the street you start to be able to race all around the city and then to the next one. The pattern keeps growing and repeating, getting faster and faster until you are in a car flinging yourself across the country, avoiding landmarks and mountains as you scream at 2,500 MPH

The grand finale, you begin to cross oceans, leaving sonic booms in your wake.  The Antarctic opens up revealing one last ramp which you slam at 4,000 MPH and you scream, burning into the atmosphere, until you escape and start doing drifts around the sun, slingshotting you past the planets.  You pass each planet along the way, until you finally hit Saturn and its rings, and then you start grinding them. The camera pulls out. Everything gets slower. It shows you back in the child’s room, being pushed along the same plastic track set around a mobile of the universe.  It was all some kid imagining how awesome and kickass his diecast car was.

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