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Music/Games/Life -Part 1-


Who here likes music? Who here likes videogames? Who here likes life? Ok! If you answered "No" to any of these questions please leave now.


Everyone else read on.

So I'm sitting here at my desk, working, reading Destructoid, and having an overall good time this Friday afternoon. The songs of Elliott Smith softly play in the background as I switch between Radiohead.com and Destructoid.com.

If any of you are familiar with Radiohead then you might know that they're all pretty damn good at what they do. You might also know that a man by the name of Stanley Donwood does the art for them. However, Magnus Carlsson directed and created the music video for Radiohead's song Paranoid Android. Go ahead and give Magnus' beautiful video a quick watch below before we continue.

Video Here, Sorry it wouldn't let me embed the video, just look up "Paranoid Android"

Now that we've got that out of the way I can move on to how all of this relates to videogames. As you have noticed the song Paranoid Android varies between crazy rhythms, lead guitar solos, and calm melodies. If you break the song down it basically has three main parts that can be divided into many small guitar licks and ambient sub-sections. If this song were a videogame it might be similar to something such as Tales of Symphonia. I use ToS as an example because it starts of relatively smooth and mellow. When the game does pick up, it really picks up hard and there's a lot to take in. Near the middle of the game (Rain Down) you sort of get the flow of passing between both worlds. The characters mostly make sense. The fighting is easier and your characters all begin to hold their own.

*Possible ToS Spoilers*

When the game nears the end you realize that the angels you were on a mission to rescue have been using you for their own, destructive, reasons. You are betrayed by one of the main characters in your party and you find out that they are also an angel. Much like the end of the song Paranoid Android, the ending of Tales of Symphonia is very intense.

*End Spoilers, I tried not to give away too much info*

I think that game developers could learn a lot about making great videogames by listening to excellent songs and using them as an example. I also think that musicians can look to videogames for inspiration and direction when they are unsure of how a song should sound, feel, and be.

I am a Musician?, Folk Artist?,and Ambient Perfectionist. I am aware of the beautiful inspiration songs can get from videogames and I have been using that formula since I started playing music.

It's never completely obvious in the lyrics. It's never blatantly clear with the sound. But I think there's just a little truth behind the statement "When you look deep enough everything is connected in one way or another."

This is one example of that statement. Next time I will discuss what videogames would be like based off of certain songs. I may just do one song at a time. If any of you have any suggestions I'm always open.

What songs would you like to see made into videogames?

Also, if the songs are from bands off of Saddle-Creek, Side-Cho, Sub-Pop, or Earthology Records I will be very aware of them.

Thanks for reading!
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