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My Wife Reviews: Super Seducer


I am a gamer; my wife, Brittany, is not. So I decided to make her play dumb, interesting, or weird games all in the name of research! She must then review them as thoroughly as possible...or at least as thoroughly as she wants. Why she married me, she doesn't know -- but this will surely be our downfall.

Today's game: Super Seducer. For those unawares, it's a completely serious attempt to teach male gamers how to totally pick up chicks, brah! I'm sure it works. I actually wanted to do a spitroast review on it with CJ, but my computer at the time didn't play it at all. Oh well -- since I missed my first chance, my wife gets to pick up the sloppy seconds on a title that was already pretty sloppy to begin with.

Without further ado, my wife reviews Super Seducer!

My Wife Reviews Super Seducer

If you’d like to waste what little time you have left on this earth, by all means, play Super Seducer.  My husband suggested that I play it because I’m currently an unemployed loser. I never play video games; I’m more of a "waste time watching YouTube" kind of person. You know those really annoying people that watch other annoying people get rich off the internet? I’m that person.

Okay, back to what really matters, Super Seducer. If nothing else, you’ll get a kick out of answer choices and when you choose the wrong answer, being completely humiliated in your own home because this super douche makes you feel like a wiener for choosing incorrectly. First of all, what is the “Strawberry fields” routine? This guy is making shit up. Not only is his British accent annoying, he has an extremely punchable face. If you ask me, every time you get the right answer, you should be able to beat the shit out of that fruity British wanker. So, if you want to be annoyed, giggle at the answer choices, and see some very skinny girls try to flirt back, this is the game for you. Go get your Super Seducer on, yo!

Super Seducer Megadouche

I don't think she'll be playing Super Seducer 2. Or 3. Maybe Super Seducer 69?

Well, there you have it. My wife does not like this game very much. Submit games you think she should play for the next entry in this series that won't last long! And whatever you do, don't try to pick up girls without the help of a desperate British wanker who's mom dropped him off at the videoshoot. Thank you.

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