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The best of the Part 3's.


I've been thinking a lot lately about all of the great videogames out there that are Part 3's. I've decided to make a top 5 list of my personal favorites. Sorry Halo fans, there's no such Halo 3's on this list.

#5. Gradius III

Gradius is a very clever and intense space shooter. The game really picked up in part 3 because of all of the customizable power-up features.

#4. Silent Hill 3

Not quite as good as Silent Hill 2, but a huge step up from the original. Silent Hill games never cease to frighten and amaze their legions of fans.

#3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic 3 is a great game. Sega platforming at it's best. My personal favorite about this game is the way all of the levels connect.

#2. Super Mario Bro's 3

Not enough good things can be said about the Greatness of Mario 3. It's inventive, beautiful, and one of the greatest games ever made. Mario 3 set the bar for 2D platforming the same way Super Mario 64 did for 3D.

#1. Contra III: The Alien Wars

Contra 3 is a ruthlessly difficult videogame. It had more action than any other game of it's time. With only 6 levels the game may feel short, but challenge yourself by using fewer lives on a harder difficulty level and you'll find yourself coming back for more. Like any Contra game, Contra 3 is best played and appreciated with a friend.
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