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Undertale - This Game Broke Me In The Best Way


I'll be completely honest with you. I'm a console gamer because I can't afford a decent PC for games. It wasn't until the summer of 2017 when I finally played the second coming known as Undertale. It came out on PS4 so I preordered it (I mean, c'mon, only €15!) along with Sonic Mania. I got a bit frustrated with Sonic Mania so I set my controller on fire, bought a new one and said "Oh right, I have Undertale.".

I played it, expecting a pretty good game from what I'd heard. In the first few minutes, I was completely hooked. And by the end, I was in tears, but also felt so happy.

Now, if you want the "full Undertale experience", leave right now and buy the game. You will have the time of your life knowing absolutely jack.

Undertale is an RPG with a sense of humor. You play as a human who falls into the underground, where humanity sealed monsters many years ago.

So let's start with the gameplay. The battle system is based on bullet hell segments where the enemy attacks you by throwing random shite at your soul and you try to dodge, taking damage when you get hit. Most of the system is standard enough, attack by hitting the button at the right time and use items to heal yourself and increase armor. But then there's the ACT option. You see, in Undertale, you have the choice to kill absolutely no one. You can ACT to try and persuade your enemy to leave you be. You still have the choice to kill, but every action has consequences, a feature I absolutely love.

You'll meet some very quirky characters along the journey, one of which the meme community almost ruined for me (The night's still young...), and even though they take the form of LQ sprites, they all felt real to me and I love them all. These are the people I'd want to be stuck on a road trip with.

The game has a seemingly simple story that gets more interesting and entertaining the more you play. The game is funny in the right places, and emotional in the right places. It is a perfect balence of the several emotions it goes for. This is the first time I cried playing a game, and I never cried at the movies, or at TV. A retro-styled indie game with goat people managed to be the first game ever to break me. Not even since has another game made me cry like that. I cried more at Undertale than I did at Red Dead Redemption 2, or even The Last Of Us.

So let's conclude. Undertale is my favorite game of all time. No joke. I can't think of any flaws. Sure, the graphics aren't all that, but I've always believed that graphics don't matter. The amount of fun I had and tears I shed makes it one of the best in my eyes.

I see Undertale as an amazing example of video games as art. It takes the formula of the RPG and flips it on it's head, while being an amazing experience. And that's really how I have to describe Undertale. An amazing experience. It's the kind of experience you won't have again, Undertale can't really be compared to anything else.

I know that it's cliché to praise Undertale, and I know that it isn't for everyone, but this game really does deserve to be highly praised. Undertale is the $10 payment you will never, ever forget.

Rating: This game changed me...

- Have a good one. See ya.

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