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Band of Bloggers-July 2019 Edition


Hello friends and welcome to my final Band of Bloggers prompt! That's right, I'm leaving the team. Thankfully, the team has gained a couple of awesome new members in the last few months and you're all in great hands moving forward.

If you missed last month's prompt, you can read it right here

But what is this month's prompt? I thought a lot about what my final prompt would be. I thought about doing something related to farewells and partings, since I'm quitting the band. But that sounded kinda dumb and self-serving.

Over the past weekend, I dove in to The Witcher III. Never played it before. So far, I'm very impressed with the game. Especially in the writing department. I'm really surprised at how much I like Geralt, the main character. He's a very compelling hero. I started to wonder why. What makes him a good hero for our tale? And that's what led me to this month's prompt:


Image result for heroes

No, not those heroes.

I mean heroes in video games. Nearly every game has a hero. Ranging from the dot in Adventure to the Doom Slayer himself. Video games embody heroics. 

Image result for atari adventure

Who is your favorite hero in a game? What makes them a hero? Why are they compelling to you? What sets them apart in your mind from other characters? 

If it's from a franchise, did you always enjoy that character or did they grow on you over the course of the series? What changed? The inverse might also be true. Maybe you liked a hero in one game, but not in the next. Why is that?

Image result for people need heroes gif

I want to understand what makes a good hero in a video game. Tell me about your favorite! Write a blog about a video game hero (or several!) and put Band of Bloggers (or BoB) in the title. We'll all have a great time this month sharing our heroic journeys together.

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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