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So Long, Farewell


Three years is a long time. My time at Destructoid is a few weeks shy of the three-year mark. That's right--I'm leaving the Dtoid staff!

But before I go, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my experience working with the talented and always-entertaining team here. So please, bear with me for one last post.

Destructoid is a weird website. I think that's why it's still kicking after more than a decade. A precious few video game sites survive the ever-changing-and-always-unpredictable tides of the digital media landscape, but Destructoid has marched onward thanks to its unrelenting focus, unique voice, and community focus. I consider my time on Destructoid's staff as some of the most memorable and rewarding work experiences I've ever had. So, to everyone that read my pieces and supported the site: thank you. Destructoid wouldn't exist without such a passionate and committed community.

I tried my hardest to share stories and create content that as worth your time and attention. And mostly, I like to think I was successful! As I leave the team, I try not to dwell on all the stories I never wrote and instead focus on the opportunities I had to share my thoughts and stories with you all. From my stint on Podtoid to the D-Team's PUBG saga and a few hundred posts, I hope I left some mark on Dtoid's history. I'm not leaving behind a massive library of pieces, but I'm proud of everything my name is attached to.

I'm also proud to call members of Dtoid's staff my homies for life. Everyone at Dtoid is unique and great and a Good Person. But I want to personally thank a few people who have made a massive impact on my life.

First, to the late, great Steven Hansen: I owe you more than you know and hope you are doing well, comrade. Brett Makedonski is an endless source of inspiration and a fantastic friend that will tell you if an idea sucks just as quickly as he'll let you know if it's great. His honesty and willingness to listen and advise helped keep me sane and push my writing further. Jordan Devore is perhaps the most genuine and considerate person I know; someone who approaches topics with an earnest enthusiasm that is nothing short of contagious. He turned so many of my half-baked ideas into Good Stories and is always available when you need him most.

I owe a debt to Brett and Jordan, both of whom I consider among my closest friends for their continued support and company. And to Niero, Chris Carter, CJ, Moyse, Wes, and everyone else on staff: Thanks and I hope I didn't let you down too hard over the last few years. And Zach Bennett: I see you. Keep plugging. Your voice is important.

And now, I want to leave a few links to remember me by. These are the stories I am most proud of:

Steal his look: How to dress like Resident Evil 2's biggest beefcake
Tony Hawk's Underground is pretty cool for a teenager
I finally figured out why Final Fantasy VII's music is so good
And, of course, my magnum opus: Dark Souls characters, ranked

So with that, it's time to say goodbye! I'm happy to announce that I'll be working full time in the games industry, doing a job I couldn't have landed without my experiences at Dtoid. Stay in touch with me on Twitter or hit me up on Discord (wutangclam#9661). It's been a pleasure working for Dtoid, and I will miss you all dearly.

Now, feel free to roast me in the comment section. Every proper sendoff should have a few spicy comments.

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