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Dale North [almost] made Sony cry

Someone may already have posted this, but I didn�t see it, so I�m gonna go ahead anyway. This past Friday, our very own Dale North put up a post wishing the PlayStation 3 a happy first birthday. Well, it seems that the internets have taken notice � and I�m not just referring to the 22 different DTOIDers who commented on the story. Kim Otzman, SCEA�s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, posted on the PlayStation.Blog yesterday, thanking sites around the web for their birthday wishes. Apparently, Sony sent a number of butter-cream-frosted birthday cakes (weird, I thought things were supposed to work the other way around) to the press: sites such as Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy (?!) all got sugary goodness in the mail.

Now, as far as I know � and correct me if I�m wrong, editors � no one at Destructoid received any such swag (so I guess it couldn�t even be correctly called �swag� � the cake wasn�t truly �stuff we all got�). But Kim over at PlayStation.Blog must�ve realized Sony�s glaring omission, so she made a good-faith effort to make it up to us [emphasis added]:

�While the folks at Wired Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy celebrated with cake, it was Destructoid�s birthday wishes which nearly brought a sentimental tear to our eye. Thanks to all of you!�

Well, maybe it�s a good thing that Sony didn�t send cake to Destructoid. After all, we are all gamers; we don�t need any extra unhealthy food. Of course, Dale�s responsible for this genuine shout-out from Sony; his post was a fantastic birthday card for the PS3. And if forgoing cake will get this site additional personal and heartfelt thank-yous from Sony, then maybe the editors should skip the sweets every time the PS3�s birthday comes around.
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