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Theorizing about Avengers: Endgame


I recently wrote a lengthy 2-part blog in which I ranked all of the MCU movies from least to most favorite. As I wrote that, and as I recently watched several of the films, I came up with a few ideas of what we might see in Endgame and I'd like to share them with you! I'm sure they'll all be wrong, but it can always be fun to discuss. And I'd love to hear your theories as well!

I've been blessed to avoid spoilers for this film thus far and I'd like to keep it that way. If you have seen the film or otherwise encountered spoilers, please don't ruin it for us here. If you want to comment about them, please use the spoiler tags to hide them. Otherwise, don't comment. Please!

We know from Infinity War that Marvel intentionally misleads us in trailers. They include dialog that isn't in the film. They alter footage. They put characters in the wrong place. So I don't put much stock in the trailers (and I haven't watched most of them for Endgame). 

The first and most important thing is that we know our heroes will need the Infinity Stones to undo the damage. Between the Time and Reality stones, you can undo pretty much anything. But, they need a vessel to be wielded properly. Ronin put a stone in his hammer. Thanos put them all in a Gauntlet built by dwarves on Nidavellir. He slaughtered all but one of the dwarves and disabled the last one. After the snap, the Gauntlet looks fried. It looks like it will be complete unusable moving forward. So even if our heroes kill Thanos and recover the stones, they can't use them. 

I think the solution is Tony. He knows his way around a forge. He forged the Mark I Iron Man Suit in a cave. At the end of Infinity War, his most recent version of the suit is torn to shreds. In Endgame, Tony will travel to Nidavellir and forge a new suit out of the same metal that Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are made of (I think it's called Uru metal?). It will be nearly invulnerable and magical. Most important, it will have spots to house each of the stones. The Iron Man suit itself will be the new Gauntlet. 

I think there will be Time Travel Shenanigans. One or more of our heroes will jump through time to undo all the damage that Thanos and his ilk have wrought. Getting the stones is half the battle. Using them to fix the problems is the other half. I wouldn't be surprised if we jump around many of the previous films, such as Avengers 1, Captain America 1, and Guardians 1. Any story touched by Thanos, his minions, or the Stones may need to be altered. 

We may even go back to the big bang and destroy the stones right at the start of the universe! That could be cool. 

Now, who lives and who dies?

Thanos dies, of course. 

Everyone that got snapped comes back and lives.

Captain America dies.

Tony Stark has an interesting fate. There's a theory out there that Gamorra isn't dead. She's actually inside the Soul Stone. Her soul inhabits it. In order for her to come back, someone will have to take her place. That someone will be Tony Stark. If we look back at Avengers 1, he has an argument with Steve about self-sacrifice. Tony believes he is smart enough and resourceful enough to solve any problem. He'll never have to sacrifice himself for another person because he'll create another solution. This movie will teach him that he's wrong and he'll have to lay down his life for someone else. He will do it by taking Gamorra's place in the Soul Stone.

Conveniently, this will also leave the potential for him to return at some point in the future. 

I think Bruce Banner and Hulk will have a big twist. they had big issues with each other in Infinity War that must be resolved. I think they will split. Hulk will gain his own body and become a totally separate entity from Bruce. 

Howard the Duck will make a triumphant return in the final battle. 

But who kills Thanos? Who deals the final blow? Who ultimately Avenges the universe and saves everyone? The answer is clear. 

Darryl. Thor's roomate during Civil War. He holds the answer. You think he's just a simple man. But he's not He's a true hero. Earth's Mighest Hero, in fact. He will save us all. All hail Darryl!


But that's enough of my rambling. What wild theories do you have? And please don't spoil anything if you have any real knowledge about the film!

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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