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"In a world covered by endless water." Megaman Legends. A 90's passion project.


"For Everlasting Peace... and maybe Refractors?"

Hello there, how are you? Good? Good is good, then grab a chair and sit down, this is gonna be a long one, might wanna grab a snack, now let's get down to the nitty gritty. I wanna make a case about a very dear game to me, you see, the year was 1997, the Playstation was decimating both Nintendo/Sega's hold on the videogame market, every franchise was being pretty much being forced to evolve to 3D one way or another, due to the shifting trends of the era and consequent improvements on technology, 3D was becoming the de facto standard and future of games.

NOT Pictured: The printing press of a dollar machine that this little baby became!

I'll be talking about a particular game, a spin-off, the first 3D game of a franchise known for being a trendsetter mark of high quality of it's own 2D genre and trappings, I'm talking about no more and no less than the one and only Blue Bomber, the one and only Rock’n Roll spirit infused MEGAMAN,super fighting robot at free times, dear Elder folks caretaker in his home time, evil scientist robots kicking ass devil on his work times, WHAT A KEEPER!

The Nintendo Entertainment System's best and most famous jumpin' n' shootin' robot.

Protagonist of a franchise known for it's brutal difficulty alongside Konami's Castlevania, making the term "Nintendo Hard" a staple of videogames that are hard and kick your ass and have nothing to do about the absence of light and metaphysical extension of a person's conscious presence, no, none of those ghostly ectoplasms here, let's keep it civil and grounded... Before we go to the moon, that is! (Not! Maybe! PERHAPS!?)

As said before, 1997! Go 3D or get ditched! The market of the time was riding the 3D Wave so much that the pressure of making your series transition into the polydimensional world of polygons was not optional, it was real for both publishers and developers had to face the music and dance to the whims of consumers/investors. Zelda and Mario had to transition, both series sticking the landing with such grace and finesse that to this day they're looked upon with marvel in people's eyes. From Link to the Past to Ocarina of Time, Super Mario World to Super Mario 64, everyone HAD to make that jump.

Pictured Up: Memories you cherish. Pictured Down: Something even it's mother refuses to accept.

Not every franchise or intelectual property made it, Nintendo 64's duo of Castlevania titles are mostly forgotten in time and shuned upon by most fans of the series, so it was not an easy hop to make, no sir, with more layers, more systems, more details means more work, more refinement and more polishment, going from sprites and backgrounds to fully realized moulds of green and trees was HELL.

Do you remember this? Yes? Fondly? No? Point made.

It was a time of experimentantion, a lot of it magnificently brave if not insane, and the competition was tougher than ever, 1997 was NOT an easy time to hit the spotlight and be the next big thing, no sir! For you see, this is the same year that saw the release of titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider 2, Crash Bandicoot 2, CASTLEVANIA SYMPHONY OF THE FREAKING NIGHT, Final Fantasy Tactics and many many more titles were coming in the coming months, an example being Gran Turismo. The market was brimming with innovation in all sides, everyone trying to out do and outsmart each other with mechanics, settings, soundtracks and visuals to outdo their competing rivals.

You'll be hard pressed NOT to find at least one of those in the 'best of ps1' lists games of someone, possibly your own too.

Then, Megaman X4 was released! The stages were gorgeous, the sprites were big and detailed, the enviroments vibrant and stunning in detail, the gameplay was further refined and improved, more little tweaks and mechanics were added, Zero was playable, it had a kicking soundtrack and the level design was second to maybe only Megaman X1, the boss fights were fair and well telegraphed, the secrets mostly sensical and provided even further options to the world renowned Maverick Hunter, but there was one detail, you see... It was still 2D, the game, as amazing and well received as it was, had not made the leap forward, not yet that is!

I think X1 is actually the best X title, but X4 had the fairest difficulty of them all, while X5 possibly the best bosses.

Enter Japan,18th of December, Rockman Dash: Hagane No Boukenshin comes to store shelves! In other words, Megaman Legends 1!

The two Japanese boxarts, notice how CHARM OOZINGLY BEAUTIFUL the second one is? Well, maybe should have been the first boxart, just maybe.

The serie's long awaited foray into 3D arrives, the game looks amazing! The characters are expressive, the humor is lighthearted! The world reactive, NPCs charismatic, enemies both terrifyingly cute and daunting! Everything seemed to be a more than respectable transition from 2D to 3D, which at the time was a curse not many lived to tell a tale, things are looking good, the game launches in North American regions the following year and all is right in the world, right? Wrong.

The game did not sell that well in most regions and in general. With it's sequel seeing even less sales overall, almost a third of it's predecessor! Even it's own spinoff, Misadventures of Tron Bonne barely made a dent to justify further continuing the franchise.

Good lord, Japan got all the good boxart these games had.

The future was NOT bright for Dr's Bright beloved children's long lost older cousin. FAST FORWARD TO 2010, Megaman Legends 3 is announced for the Nintendo 3DS, promising to further progress the old lost saga's history and plot with fresh blood both in it's cast and developers, even making it a point to allow fans to vote and provide feedback to the development team via online queries and vote polls, going to the point of choosing the design of the protagonist's new sidekick, Aero! But, that was not meant to be, advancing one year later, in 2011, the game is cancelled, before the 3DS's paid demo version can even reach consumers, there are only reports of a few journalists being given the opportunity to play it.

Somewhere, someone had the chance to play this. You sir, I envy you greatly and hope it was a good time. Roll and Tron deserved more. But how do I feel about this?

This is not Metal Gear Solid, but it's pain became a phantom of my dark, dark soul...s. there i quoted the game now leave me alone please

Well, with those bits of history OUT of the way, I can start making my case. You see, Megaman Legends... Might just be one of Capcom's most long forgotten passion projects. I am not kidding in the slightest, the game was filled with ambition surrounding it's cast from the get go, the world built up to be further refined and explored, the characters loved and apreciated, the results may have not been perfect, the sales certainly not good enough, but something that this game had in spades? Unquestionably by any shape form or way. The Voice Acting was extremely good for the time, especially when compared to X4's, it's cheesy and corny in the best manner possible.

My case being:
It had a heart and a soul that few products of this ever old growing form of media could ever dream of having.

Bold claim, I know, but let me explain.

Japan got the best freakin' boxarts, I swear.

Let's start with the world design/background story. As the game's opening scene puts it,

'In a world covered by endless water...'

The world is not full of life as it once was, technology is dependent on the brave efforts of Diggers to venture out in old long lost forgotten ruins to go full Spelunker in them and eke out whatever pieces of technology/resources they can, big cities being an actual rarity, life and technological advancements can vary a lot between one island and another, Ships and Airships being the sole definying factor between most places, as they're the only means of traversal from one island to another.

The Ruins of the Old World are not as inviting as one comes to think with the stories of valor and bravery surrounding it's Diggers.

What exactly caused the world to come to this state is uncertain and long forgotten, people only speculate about what came before, but every discovery made is one step further into discovering the mysteries and treasures of this place, whatever straws mankind can hold to find their days gone past is treated with the utmost importance. Everything and everyone willing to lend a hand or a limb to further the research of life and civilization is more than welcome.

The world relies greatly in these old rusty pieces of mystifyingly complex machinery, but even more important than the machines themselves are what drives most Diggers in the first place to scavenge what they, Refractors. Most of these machines and equipments are run by the power provided by Refractors, which is a finite resource sought by many and of such strategical vitality that I don't mince words when I say some islands are stuck in the past with traditional agriculture while some cities have cars, televisions and everything that can come to be with sufficient fuel.
It's shiny, glowy and fuels your car! Take that, Gasoline!

But you see, a Digger's life is not an easy one, for the same ruins that are home to the world's most sought resource are ALSO home to remnants of it's old long forgotten world. Enter the Reaverbots, the Old World's technology assigned guardians/green doom robots of quick deaths.

Pictured above, a club wielding giant monstrous reaverbot and a Digger running for it's dear life against a swarm of smaller ones.

Reaverbots are a common threat in this new archipelago prone world, robots whose purpose is as cryptic as the dungeons which they tend to crawl from. Diggers have to face them, risking their own lives, just to make a decent life a possibility. These robots seem to have a will of their own, not having the slightest concern for the humans whose lives they threaten. Nobody can really tell where they came from, why they exist or even what they truly are.

As You caaan see, the world of Megaman Legends has been built from the ground to be explored and refined, the backgrounds on which all the stories the series plays out are full of possibilities that haven't even been fully realized, a world very much so past it's prime, with little fragments of what used to be scattered everywhere, for those of courage or dumb luck to encounter it. Every discovery raises further questions, every escavation one inch further into discovering the truth hidden long ago.

A piece of concept art of the game mid development. Full credits go to the MMNetwork here, I'll be listing them and a couple more down below in the credits.

Now, let's talk about a bit about the game's colorful cast of characters, which for me score the highest of marks!

Meet the Caskett Family! From left to right: Megaman Volnutt, Roll Caskett, Data the Monkey and Barrell Caskett.

Look at those friendly faces! You'll grow to love at least one of them by the end of your journey throught this game. Megaman this time around acts like an adoptive older brother to Roll, with both of them working as Diggers, with him venturing inside the ruins while Roll provides help and information working like a guiding hand and friendly voice in hostile places, warning him of any unexpected activity in the ruins and making sure he always gets home by the end of the day. Then there's Data, the family's friendly talking dancing monkey who saves your data and helps Roll with Mega's maintenances. Roll's Grandpa, Professor Barrell Caskett, used to be a digger just like the both of them and is an authority in his field, being famous for unearthing a lot of the most important discoveries made in this game's world.

Amidst all the Digger jobs they're doing, their true objetive at the end of the day is finding out what happened to Roll's parents in a very dangerous expedition to one of the most dangerous places of the world, known only as The Forbidden Island, with a constant hurricane surrounding it's islets to the point no ship, be it by air or sea can even attempt to get close, but before they have a chance for that, an accident happens following a successful dig and they have to crash land into the closest island they could... Cue Kattelox Island!

Yeaaaah, I don't think they got insurance for that sort of blunder, Roll.

Kattelox Island is a very small island, as picture above, but it's technology levels is quite above most places, having a centralized form of government, cars, television and even a police force tasked with guarding it's citizens from Reaverbots or Pirates! Pirates, you say? What are those? Well, they're unlicensed Diggers who have no moral or ethical qualms about getting their hauls anyway they can. But before we talk about them, a quick view of Kattelox's bustling districts and habitants.

Picture below, the Apple Market! Why is it called that? Look up, the flags emblazoned with apples everywhere!
And I'll take the chance to give you a sampler of what's to come about the game's simple and cozy soundtrack, ready your ears and get comfy:

It was not a big huge sprawling world by any means, even by the standards of the era, you see, but it played to it's strengths by being smart with it, making it pop with color, charisma and a coziness reminiscent of a small hometown that you can fondly remember. Both in the visuals and musical department, as both Uptown's visual and music tend to represent, Uptown being the town's entertainment/cultural pole, being home to the island's Television Network, it's Hospital, an Art Museum and a Dock, it's the spot with the most side activities by far, being host to at least three different minigames and at least two to three sidequests.

The cute little bird is KTox News Mascot, the lady on the side looks a bit like Tron though.

The song that plays in this area keeps up with the 'cozy' tradition of the soundtrack.

Then there's Downtown, being the main residential area, with a Library with books talking about incidents surrounding the history of this island far beyond it's current habitants.

Kicking pigs = Bad, you bad, bad being. Also, why do thaaaat?

And then there's the wealthier north district, being home to the Kattelox's City Mayor's Hall, Kattelox Bank and the local (and only) police department of the island. It's a place you'll be travelling quite often considering all the running you'll have to do for some of the sidequests, you can even add an entirely new building to the district if you pay attention to them!

"Your honor, am I getting paid to do his job? Just saying."

And lastly, to the east, there's Oldtown, the seedier and considerably more poor bit of the city, abandoned by most due to being close to one of the Island's most haunting tourist spot, but we'll get to those when we have to, right now just be aware that it's home to the city's power plant, a lot of municipal workers and lots, lots of agressive stray dogs.

Run from the bad doggos, run!

As you can see, the world area isn't that big, but it's memorable enough that you'll at least remember something about it, be good or negative, or how that one weird lady kept asking your opinion on her portrait and this happens:
Volnutt, friend, hero, guardian, and completely savage art critic when given time.

All in all, it's a comfy and warm little plot of land and it's folks are the nicest they have ever been, now let's talk about the true show stealers, the best and the worst, the one and ONLY...


The Bonnes, no kidding, steal EVERY scene they're in, all the pieces of dialogue they have is painted with subtle little humor that wouldn't be out of place in a kids tv show, they're the TEAM ROCKET of this entire game. They're scamps, irredeemable pirates, forever broke and indebted punks, and you WILL love every single last one of them by the time you get your hands on this game. I mean it.

There's Tron Bonne, Roll's only rivaling mechaninc in the entire game, she is certainly a genius without par, those little feelas you see there are a creation of her own, they each have different personalities and serve as minions to her whims, their popularity is such that they got their OWN spin-off game and have been a staple of Marvel Vs Capcom since the 2nd installment! Also, she has 40 good reasons to be called win a Mother of the Award, considering the 40 mouths she has to feed every day and stuff. No biggie.

Ways of proposing to someone: Buying a ring, or being a real chad and getting them a Servbot Toaster, just putting it out there. winkwink

If this game has (and it does) a Heart, these guys are at least half of it, they're the best, the worst, I love them and so does someone at Capcom who doesn't let THEM be forgotten, they have a special toaster boxart, plushies, and everything else. Tron and her little Servbots will find a way into your heart, one way or another. (big cannons, they like big cannons attached to even bigger robots, submit or face erasure)

Then there's the older Bonne Brother of the bunch, Teisel Bonne!

Screaming is part of the job when you're leader of an always very usually incompetent sort of Team Rocket.

Scamp extraordinaire, unnapolegetic bastard, loveable doofus of a brother, it is impossible not to be captivated by any and every scene this guy appears in, you can tell the voice actor had the time of his life portraying this pirate. Which is a nice thing, all things considered. (He got arrested some years ago due to child pornography or something, yikes indeed)

And lastly, the weird baby Boone of the bunch, who to this day I don't know if it's a big baby robot or what, but he's the bros little baby bro and he acts as such.

He's the one with the least action and also the weirdest, I do not know what's up with him to his day but his battle can catch you offguard.

And the cherry on top of their ice cream? Having their family's music be something that screams 'we're a bunch of happy go lucky idiots!'

And then there's this game light hearted cheeky sense of humor, which there are many, many examples of, but I'll keep them brief because they're best experienced in-game.

Hippopotamus Legends 3, one day, I promise you.

And now, after all that, let's get down a bit to mechanics, shall we? I'll gushed over the game's visuals, characters and stories more than enough for now, so let's talk a bit about what's going under the hood of this blue boy's metal plated heart!

As said before, not many franchises made the leap from 3D to 2D without misteps, and I'm glad to say Megaman Legends is... ONE OF THE BEST OF IT'S TIME. How great, might you ask? This game controls, plays and feels better than Megaman X7's 3d bits, and that's a game released in 2003. YES, this game predates that one by at least 6 years and it plays much better than it too, even the camera is sort of a good one for the time, rarely ever getting in the way and usually doing what it needs to when it needs it.

A PS2 era game losing out this bad to it's older cousin, who would think?

Unfortunately, this game launched before the arrival of the analog/dual shock stick controllers for the PS1, so it's controls aren't the best and the lock-on system turning your character into a turret isn't the best, but both those things are greatly improved in the sequel. Megaman's movement feels good even with those things in mind, strafe running while turning is probably his strongest move in this game, there IS a dodge roll to the side, but you're just better doing what he's best known for in his older incarnations, and that is... JUMPING AND SHOOTING.

This is not Bright Ectoplasm! Stop rolling, Megaman! The i-frames are incredibly situational!

This game has some light RPG mechanics under it's skin too. You can customize and upgrade Megaman's abilities and arsenal, starting off as a weak pink lemons peashooting Digger and end as a rollerblade skating bursting yellow lemon artillery wielding cannon man of a man. Also you finally figure out how to wear a helmet at one point, thanks Roll!

And Roll? She's possibly one of the most competent sidekicks Megaman has ever had at this point.

Responsible for the development of the best pieces of equipment in the game, driving/flying you around, upgrading and taking care of all your special weapons needs and being the best bro a Sis can possibly be with all the support/backup that even the best action heroes can only wish. She's got you covered, no matter what. Roll's cool, man, Roll's hella cool. Her design in this game is one of her best ones yet and she delivers it in spades.

And helping you, your little monkey business friend, Data the Monkey!

Another form of proposal? Data Plushies.

He's always in the oddest of places just making sure you can recharge your batteries and save your progress, but what IS he though? I don't know either, might wanna play it to find out, he's the cutest little monkey thing ever and Ape Escape could use a cameo from him one of these days. (another forgotten gem of the playstation, but that's an article for another day, perhaps!)

And how, do you acquire the game's best upgrades, weapons and mobility enhancing super jumping boots? By exploring the creepy crawlies filled ruins, of course! You're a Spelunke-eerr... Digger, yeah, Digger! But we could have done just as well with a shotgun/whip/tnt, just saying, and a whip like attack was something they thought of at some point from what I remember reading about Legend 3's development notes. Don't quote me there.

And what do we explore? Ruins, of course. Ruins act as this game's manner of dungeons/maverick lairs, they're the game's primetime material of spooky vibes and hair pulling shrieks, a fun fact is that almost every part of them is interweaved beneath the city's gates, so yeah, doing that before it was a thing, Innovation, folks! But wait! Before you go any further into any of them, you might wanna take a look in the menu and...

"Hey, they put a RPG in my Megaman, dude?"

That's the pause screen menu, where you'll be equipping buster parts most of the time, you can only change special weapons at Roll's whims/tools, you see, but Buster Parts are and should be your main go-to Reaverbot busting tool, you see, you can even upgrade it to equip 3 different parts! Best upgrade ever. Annnd then there's Special Items menu you got some of Mega's Key Items and Equipment.

There's armor upgrades, a helmet, some leg enhancers, an almost infinitely upgradeable subtank up on upper left corner and more! You'll most likely just be going here to call Roll on your Walkie-Talkie that works like a quick travel and the Energy Canteens, which are these games sub-tank equivalents, you'll never have a reason to unequip most of the upgrades you find, so it's mostly for those reasons. The 2nd game dwelves further into giving more equipment.


They're simple, they're to the point and usually short. Yes, that's it, they're a very first time/safe choice of dungeons, don't possess many puzzles and are pretty quickly gone by, but you should take your sweet sweet time on them regardless, when I meant exploring is the game's best way of getting stronger, I wasn't joking for you see, a Digger's job is to dig, and well, get to it!

Blast every reaverbot, drill every wall, jump every ledge, this IS Megaman!

Stick your hand into every nook and cranny! Open every chest! This is Megaman! Sorta.

Also explore every trashcan in the city, I swear, it's important, and I'm not saying this because I want you to go dumpster diving, no sir. Also, the atmosphere that some of these ruins can transpire is close to Resident Evil at time, with traps being a common occurence at points, Spider reaverbots charing you from nowhere being a thing and the fact they still scare me to this day with their chirping creaks. I'm an adult! Sorta, but they make it seen like an absolute lie at times, why? Well, add creaky spiderbots with this music and.. you got a very macabre stew going.

I can hear them in my sleep, Thanks Capcom! And Skulltulas, for those are two sounds I'll never forget even in death.

Some walls require a very specific weapon to be broken through, and some platforms may require some movement upgrades you'll get, but this game is a little hardcore and sort of nevers tells you that, so... I'm telling you that, explore, for real, how hard I mean that? Well, there's this thing, this game had world permanence nailed more than a few sleuth of PS2 games down, how much I mean that? Well, have a looksie.

You can find scour Downtown's every little last trashbin and think you'll be done with it, buuuut, just after some boss battles, one of them gets filled with YET another item you can find and turn into equipment, there's at least two or three times this happen, so being cautous may pay off, and the locations sorta do make sense, so it's not all bad.

I could write more and more about this game (and I would), but I just sincerely hope and wish this eases or gets at least ONE MORE person to try it for themselves... And here's the part where I ask you for help. You see, the fanbase of this game is very, very passionate about it, they want a new installment of it, they want ports of it, they wanna see Volnutt and Roll's adventures one more time, and for that to happen, we might need to be a little vocal, you know?

This game may be up there with Mother 3 as one people hold dear in their hearts hoping it comes back one more time or in their case, get localized at all. But, here's the thing, we have managed to make Streets of Rage rise from the dead, people have kickstarted Shenmue 3 into existence, Monster Boy itself got a killer remake out of nowhere and those three things are completely, amazingly and awe inducing magnificent events.

They prove it is possible! They're living proof! And so, I ask you, if you made it to the end of this blog, to share it with someone if you think this game might be their thing! It's a project dripping with heart and passion, and so was Capcom at the time, nailing it out of the park game after game. And this one? Absolutely stellar voice acting for 1998! It's humor innocent and sincere, perfect for adapting into a kid's television show, that would be a match made in heaven considering how cute mascots the servbots/data could end up being. Capcom is producing a Dragon's Dogma netflix series by the way, alongside a Devil May Cry show under the same producer as Castlevania, who just got a baller second season. Just putting it out there, you know? winkAdi Shankar please do itwink.

I sincerely love and adore this game, even being aware of it's flaws, it's not perfect, no, but if what I said about it is enough to prove one thing, it's that this little blue boy of olde, had a big big big heart of gold.

And with all that said, what MORE can you do to help? Buy it on PSN, no, seriously, both games are cheap dirt cheap on the Playstation's 3 PlayStation Network, do that, it helps more than buying a very ludicrously expensive copy of the ps1 classic version, it's your money, do whatever you want, sure, but at least make it so Capcom knows you want some more of this.  Be vocal, be proactive, if Protodude can keep rocking the good fight that is being the main source of news related to this IP, so can you in trying to apreciate it. And as of the time of better editting this Blog, the games just went on sale due to PSN's Golden Week promotion, so yeah, The stars have aligned well enough that you're here, might as well go there, it has a bunch of good games on sale! This included, alongside it's sequel AND all PS1 Final Fantasies coupled with Castlevania of the Symphony of freaky electric boogaloos Night.

Also,some points about Modern Last Few Years Capcom: They're kicking ass, Devil May Cry came back swinging, Monster Hunter finally hit it big worldwide, Onimusha may be on it's way too, Resident Evil 2's remake smoked it's competition, we got both the complete Classic and X Series games put up on pretty much every system under the sun and they still got more surprises up their fantastic sleeve of late. So, make it known, man/woman, make it known, Rockman Dash/Megaman Legends 3 still has a heart under the grave, Megaman 11 came out to very good critic/public reception.

I swear on my bones that Onimusha is next on the revival block and while at it (Don't have me making a blog post about that, It will remind you of that one scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), why not add another adventure seeking thrill that was Megaman Legends? You wanna know the original japanese title? It was Rockman Dash - Adventurous Spirit of Steel. And guess what? That spirit just happens to work out perfectly with the golden heart it had poured in it. It's an adventure well worth taking, it was one when playing it as a kid, it is one replaying it as an adult and I'll treasure it dearly as much, if not more than the Bonnes treasure money.

I just want our boy to be back in the field, with us, possibly soon. I don't want this to become a reality:

https://twitter.com/protodude Brian, Aka the Protodude, for being the best source of news we've had over the years, the good and the bad!
http://www.rockman-corner.com/Dude's legit good.

https://twitter.com/Sapphberry Sapphire for making some of the best covers of anime/game songs there is, and that I proudly admit to binging while writing this, her Persona covers are some of the best on youtube.

https://pt-br.facebook.com/GetMeOffTheMoon/ For not letting the dream DIE.

http://shmuplations.com/megamanlegends/ For translating many many wonderful interviews!

http://www.themmnetwork.com/blog/2011/05/30/the-unseen-worlds-of-mega-man-legends Because I am not kidding when I said they had big plans for this little man.

https://twitter.com/projared For having a LP of this game going on right now.

And lastly. you.

Help me get the Flutter back in shape, please?

04/27/2019 Edits- Better formatting, rewriting of some paragraphs, adding more information, better structuring in general, thanks for reading, I appreciate it dearly and hope you have a good time and that if you still find something wrong on it, please tell me on the comments below, Thanks! - Hakk.

And now, that I have written at least 11 full pages on word on this game, it seems. I'll be talking about some little small spoilers here, I did my BEST to keep those at a minimum, you see, I wanna sell you this game based on it's merits, charms and positive points without spoiling the magic that may be experiencing it for the first time! So, small spoilers coming ahead.

At one point in the game, you might be stuck, that being, to get to the second dungeon at Jyun Lake, home to the 2nd Sub-Gate, which acts as this game main dungeons, you may need to call Roll in the Uptown area and have her support car stationed by that area, then you'll need to go in the dock and talk with the owner/fishermen inside, then try going through the door, the owner will tell you he only has a broken ship down that way and the conversation will stop. Well, try again, you'll be at the dock with a couple of workers, talk to one and you'll have the option of calling Roll to help him fix it, do so, go to the next event/dungeon, have a fun time. Also another point you need a specific weapon to destroy a piece of the ceiling, that weapon can be found on the professor's room on the now fixed flutter, it's a hand grenade you can toss sorta upwards, and yes the game has issues with telling you what to do, I love it, but I'm honest about it.

- This was written by!.. Someone who's a little too close to being a video game addict on some metric.

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