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Harmonix likes to break my heart

Since I'm mexican I'm used to paying a lot for games. For instance i bought guitar hero 2 for $ 140 dollars, and is expected. Also games don't really have a release date here so we get a game whenever the publisher decides to bring it which sometimes is a week sometimes a month and with some games never.

Apparently they don't want me to play rhythm games anymore.

First guitar hero 3 shipped with the xplorer. I was really looking forward to the wireless guitar so that broke my heart and didn't want to spend $140 dollars for a gimped bundle. And I didn't.

But hey I thought rock band is better so I can just not buy guitar hero 3.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that the downloadable content for rock band is not available here. I was expecting to pay over $200 bucks for rock band and in fact I will. I'm sad I want my pokemans so i can you show you them.

If I look the glass half full at least I'll be really good in every song shipped with the disc and then I'll stop playing when it gets stale.

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Name: Jesus
Age: 20

MMMM... Let's see im mexican. I've been playing games since I was 4. My first game was Mario Bros like everyone. For the NES I also owned ninga gaiden, megaman 2 and at the time I obviously didnt know they were going to be classics I stumbled by them by accident. Sadly I sold my NES when I was 10 decision that i regret to this day.

Im studying architecture and I probably will fail a class due my obssesion with games. But it allows me to have a critic eye with architecture in games. At the top of my head i remember a building with two roofs in gears of war and a hotel in silent hill homecoming that would probably have collapsed the moment it got so messed up.

I have a deeply love for everything that contains alcohol and capcom fighting games which I suck at, and Garou, man I love Garou.

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