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Sega confirms VF5 DLC is on game disc.

Ever since Sega released the "VF5 Item Pack #1" for VF5 Online, I've been trying to get confirmation from them to see if the tiny download is real DLC, or simply an unlock code...

Well, Sega actually responded to me! Here's a quote:

"The short answer is yes, the content is already on the disc.

I wanted to provide a satisfactory answer for you, though, so I've spent some time reading the community's response and communicating with various people behind the scenes with this game.

Sega and AM2 worked hard to make the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 the best it could be, adding numerous enhancements, most notably online play. One area they wished to consider is the level of interest in downloadable content. This may inform future development decisions on how critical this feature is to later players. Due to various technical and user-friendliness issues (content visible to both participants in the fight, reliable and bug-free, loaded quickly) the best way to implement this at this time was to make a small percentage of the dozens and dozens of new items unlockable via Xbox Live."

So, there you have it... 300 points for an unlock code.
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