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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : Dishonored


Today on DLDS Reviews, I bring to you probably one of my favorite games of all times. Countless hours have been lost to wandering the streets and roof tops of Dunwall.A first person stealth game, Dishonored is available on ps3, ps4, PC, xbox 360, and X One for extremely low prices and some editions will include the DLC. With that being said, let's get into it.

Welcome to Dunwall

You arrive home after months away, trying to find help for the plague that has spread throughout the city of Dunwall. The Royal Protector. Corvo Attano, a man dedicated to his empress and her daughter, watches it all fall apart before his eyes and is framed for the crimes committed.

Take back your city.

With or without them ever knowing you were there.


So, stealth?

Can be. Depends on your play style. There are two different endings depending on how dirty your hands get. And it kind of sucks that the ending is dictated by how violent you choose to be, because while the stealth options are cool ( and expanded on in Dishonored 2, which is also fantastic), some of the ways to incite murder and mayhem amongst the enemies are incredible. You can shoot a bullet, slow down time, possess a guard, and move him in front of the bullet, jump out of his body and restart time.


Magic powers?

Basically. You get them from one of the best NPCs in the series, The Outsider. His diologue and voice actor are perfect as well.



A lot of the voice acting and audio is pretty solid. In general this game is solid. Controls are pretty good, though sometimes on console, moving your Blink(teleport essentially) ability to where you want it can be finnicky, but it is manageable. The art style is fantastic as well. Here, let's just break this off and



Not even going to unbold this because holy shit. The art direction of the game and the actually pieces of art in game are incredble. I know some of it is kind of muddy or whatever but this game is basically a living Wes Burt painting. And if you don't know Wes Burt. I highly advise looking him up ( also James Jean, but that's an article for another day).



It handles well. Accomodates to different play styles. Has good art direction. Revenge plot. Sounds like a good time.

Because, it is.

So much time has been put into Dishonored on multiple consoles in my house. This game is my comfort food. I know, no matter how I am feeling or how the day has been, I can always return to the dirty streets of Dunwall and feel at home.


Bruh, little touching but how about a score


8/10 because for some the play style may not mesh, story isn't crazy deep despite being well done, and a few technical issues.

10/10 for me though. Because opinion pieces.


Shameless Plug. Do you like art? Cats? Corvettes?

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- Sic Transit Gloria

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