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Game In Progress: March 2019


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Who has two thumbs and STILL didn't make progress on his game? THIS freakin' guy, again!!

No, but seriously life just enjoys thowing curveballs my way. Except instead of curveballs, they're meteors hurtling towards my no-no spot. 

In a nutshell, halfway through the month my car had to get scrapped. I was forced to buy a new one. And I also helped my mom buy her car. Both are old but whatevs - I was tired of looking by that point. We're also looking to move into a new place, so we're looking at houses. Oh and did I mention that my 9 year old PC died? What great timing world! On their own, it's manageable. But all in one month? Really, world???

During all this - actually the whole month - I was studying up on stuff for work. Which went well, because I got hired! Yay, me!

So I figured trying to think of things for my game during all this wouldn't be the best thing for my psyche. Honestly I feel a bit embarrased just for posting such a small update, but whatever. Embarrasment is for chumps anyway. This is for my own well being and is supposed to help me stay on track so I can complete my own small game. Progress is progress.

So here's what I did manage to do in the very beginning.

Added a longer stage with walls

I had finally started on a new level. It's basically the same stage as my test stage but with added walls at the ends. In my previous tutorial project, they had a designated area that would trigger the next stage. I'm planning on doing that here, too.

Honestly the biggest thing I have to do is just make levels. "Just make levels". Righhhtt, cuz I'm a level designer. I'm far from being a level designer, so I know this will take up a majority of my time. I don't want to make ordinary "get from point A to point B levels". I want creative, yet simple designed levels. 

But as I was testing this stage, I noticed the player ball moves too fast. So I tested different settings on the player's rigidBody component. This is what gives objects certain physics properties.

Testing player parameters

This one is still a work in progress because it still feels sluggish to accelerate. Once it reaches that top speed it's fine, though, so I'll have to keep messing around. It's convenient that I can play test and mess with the settings in real-time. This cuts down on time spent starting, loading, stopping, and repeating the process. That adds up.

Yeah that's basically it. I really, really, hope nothing else screw me up this month (You hear me universe!?). I have to move, and the cars do need some upkeep work done so I know time will be spent there. I also will be working full-time, so now I work 5 days instead of the 4 days when I was interning. Add an hour to and an hour back for commuting, that's almost a 10 hour day.

Still, it looks like things will be looking up, at least a little bit. I'll start bringing in a lot more of the green stuff (money, not weed... well). And my shitty laptop can still do most of the things I was doing on my PC, just a bit slower. So it's not all rain and thunderstorms. There's some sun coming through every now and again. Anyways..

Adulting, man...

Tired spongebob

*long fucking exhale*

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