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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : DOOM ( the new one)


Welcome to Hell. Again. But in High Def.

Today on DLDS Reviews, I bring you one of the best shooters in the past ten years, DOOM, the new one, though the old one is still solid too. This gem of a game is dirt cheap on consoles and I believe around $25 on steam for PC. This is what DOOM always deserved to be. This game is just fun.

But it seems too simple

On a surface level, yeah. It's an arena shooter against the armies of hell and some crazy chick who has some crazy plan to harness the power of Hell. It's a trip to say the least. It's like if the original Doom was mixed with cocaine and then went on tour with Motley Crue. Just pure adrenaline and metal.

So it's metal?

Hell yeah. Wait til you hear that music really kick in for the first time. The music helps push the pace of the game much like the original or even the Mega Man games (most of them, looking at you 11). But not only is the music on point, audio all around is wonderful. From shotgun blasts to the sounds of demons screaming in agony as you tear them apart, it's done masterfully.

Sounds brutal

You get a chainsaw that will have the ability to slice a good chunk of your opposition in half. Or. You can do a brutal finisher on them. Or. You just shoot the BFG and wipe an entire room whilst enjoying a glass of your favorite tea.

Alright Gimme a Score



Fun Fact : I consider DOOM one of the most Christian games ever. What's more Christian than destroying Hell? Suck it conservative parents.


- Sic Transit Gloria

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