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I know I should post an intro and what not, but I can do that later. I just thought this was better suited for here than the forums. Just know I've been here since the beginning and rock DTOID as my homepage.

Apparently, there are people out there in the world that hate Destructoid with a burning-in-their-pants-passion. Some people on digg are blaming us for the Jade Raymond thing saying we were drawing attention to Jades sexuality before this whole comic thing started, giving it more attention than it should have.

If I am not mistaken, every web site everywhere had anything Jade Raymond related posted to their gaming blog. NOT just Destructoid. It's just that when other posters on other blogs say inappropriate things they get banned. Destructoid doesn't ban people (atleast that easily). Free speach is rampant here. That isn't our fault as a collective. Its the individuals fault.

The only thing I saw changed was the comic and nude picture of Jade in the cblogs. And that was something I think needed to be done.

IN CONCLUSION, other people/sites need to stop being player haters. And some gamers need find a little more respect for their fellow human beings and for women in general. Jokes are all fun in games but this was a little far.

from digg article

"The article misses the point. People see a pretty girl that is associated with games and they will be included to click to read further. She may not sell games, but if you take a picture of say Gabe Newell when he was fairly unknown and attached to a game that hadn't yet received a huge following, people will tend to pass it by, "Huh, Some fat guy talking about 'Half Life'". But you take Jade's pretty face and female gender, attach her to a game that was relatively unknown and you will get instant buzz from gamers. They will see her pic on a blog and will be much more inclined to read further based on her face alone.

AC is an awesome game and deserves all the buzz its gets and would have probably garnished much of the same attention in the long run, but Ubisoft knew exactly what it was doing when it decided to put her out there as the front 'woman' for this game. Now with some digusting sap creating this revolting comic of her, Ubisoft has turned into the tough boyfriend character, trying to flex their muscles to show off. Trying to play the knight in shining armor, trying to impress her and gain some respect from her as well as others among the industry and without.

Are Ubi's threats justified, I would say yes and no. Yes, they have the right to protect Jane and their game. The comic used the logo of the game and it could be taken by some deluded fool that this was actually sponsored by Ubisoft. It also was probably the most revolting thing I have seen in a while. Seriously guys, she is human, she is an actual living breathing person, not just someone you see in youtube clips and blog postings. Unfortunately, places like Destructiod are run by a bunch of virginal, juvenile retards that have been drooling over Jane much longer than the few days this comic has surfaced. Ubisoft should have known that assholes like those that run D-toid exist and should have known taken measures earlier with action against D-toid and other sites if they didn't want things to devolve as far as they went.

Personally I hope Ubisoft Blacklists D-toid and never does an interview nor gives them advances release copies of their games ever again."
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