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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : Spec Ops:The Line


War? War Never Changes.

Wrong game.

Anyways, today on DLDS Reviews, if you're broke, on a budget, or bored and looking for cheap thrills that won't land you in jail, I present to you, Spec Ops:The Line. A third person, military shooter that will stick with you, years after you put the controller down.


Bruh, a military shooter

Yeah, but it's so much more. Once you get past the third person, military shooter looks, the story and characters will draw you in, keep you invensted. The music is phenomenal and hits all the right marks. And the main antagonist will have you questioning your own real world morality, if even for a moment.


So, the story is good?

The only game I could compare it to is Bioshock. Whatever you are expecting for an(the) end(ings), throw it out the window and enjoy the ride. I even recommend just playing the game on normal just to keep everything about the game flowing from set piece to set piece.


As good as Bioshock?

Yes. Pretty close.


Okay, but why?

Listen. This is one of those games you can not talk about the details. This game is an experience all the way through and is certainly one you should not discuss until after it has been beaten. I know it makes for a poor review, but you didn't come here for something long winded and exuberant. This game is available for cheap on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. It is a tragedy that so many people just skipped over this masterpiece of a game.


Gimme a score


- Sic Transit Gloria

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