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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : Bioshock


Welcome to Rapture

Today on DLDS Review, we're diving into the sea and discovering the dystopian city of Rapture. A master class in showing how to properly build a world and story that demand to be explored. Let us begin our journey down into the depths and talk about Bioshock.


So, it's good?

It's fucking amazing. Almost everything about the game is lovingly crafted, from the enemies, the environment, and the story, Ken Levine and his team created a damn near perfect game, that just bleeds personailty and creativity.


How's it play though?

While you have your standard array of FPS weapons, the game also gives you what boils down to super powers, known as plasmids. You can not dual wield plasmids and weapons in Bioshock, though you can in later games, which adds even just a little strategy on how you want to go about situations. Plasmids range from stereotypical powers, like fire and ice, to ... HOLY FUCK I CAN SHOOT BEES OUT OF MY ARM?! THIS GAME IS AUTOMATIC GOAT. In all seriousness, the shooting is adequete and gets the job done, but that's not why you are here.


So why are we here?

Years after beating Bioshock, I still sing it's praises of it's story. While it falls a little flat in the final moments, the journey up until the last hour or so is by far one of the greatest experiences in gaming ever. The reveal will have you quoting Andrew Ryan for years to come. The only game I could I even begin to compare endings with to Bioshock is Spec Ops : The Line, which spoiler alert, is a review for another day.


Alright, gimme a score


- Sic Transit Gloria

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