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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : Mega Man 11


Mega Man 11

Reviewed on the Switch


Dr. Wily is Back

"A BRAND NEW MEGA MAN GAME!", I thought to myself when I first heard about Megaman 11. With updated graphics and mechanics, the blue bomber is gracing video games again. However, it is isn't all sunshine and rainbows. While the game itself is solid and has some cool ideas, it falls short in some areas it really shouldn't.

Gimme the Run Down

You're a fighting robot from the future, here to take down Dr. Wily, yet again, in a series of platforming stages culminating to a boss fight. You shoot lemons and kick ass, while controlling the fabric of time itself. Kind of, and also only briefly.

The Good

Controls are tight and responsive, and with the new mechanic, the double gear system which allows you to either have a charged up, power shot or slows down time, is a literal game changer. While you can play the entire game without using it, for a first playthrough, I would recommend it. Mega Man 11 also opened itself up to more casual play, allowing players to collect nuts and bolts to spend at Auto's shop to purchase extra lives, upgrades, and other accessories to help the playthrough. Platforming sections can be tough and reminscient of times past. Bosses are ridiculous and stages have some good concepts, except you Bounce Man, your stage can go fuck itself.

The Bad

The music is trash. For the most part. Sound effects sound like they were just asset flipped from a steam sale. Which is super disappointing. This is Mega Man. The music in this series is so good. It's what made a lot of us fall in love with chip tune. But MM11 falls flat in the sound department in almost all aspects. The voice acting, while being sufficient, is not all that great, but I don't know too many Mega Man games where the acting is top notch to begin with. Also, why the fuck is there not an option to purchase multiple items at once so I never have to hear Roll or Auto spout their lines every time I make a purchase. Seriously, no, that's not all Auto, I need like 7 more things and I dont want you asking me every time. Stage checkpoints are oddly placed as well. Sure, once you get the level patterns down it goes pretty smooth, but something still feels off.

The Verdict

While still an enjoyable playthrough, the lack of solid music and sounds does bring it down a bit. Good for both veterens of the series and new comers, I would still recommend a playthrough and see what this game has to offer.

Gimme a score though ...



- Sic Transit Gloria

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