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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews : Bloodborne


Budget Reviews for Budget Games

Are you broke as hell? Looking for something new to play, but haven't heard about a smash hit that you should have? Well don't worry, I've got you covered. Today's review covers From Software's masterpiece, Bloodborne, and currently sitting at around $15 to $20, you'd be a fool not to take the old blood.


Welcome to the Hunt

Bloodborne, much like it's counterpart, Dark Soul's, does not give a fuck about your feelings. While Bloodborne operates smoother and faster, it does not by any means make this game any easier, at least until you decide to take on New Game+. Some bosses, you may get first try (VIDEO OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN YOU KEYBOARD SHOWOFFS), and others, will torment your nightmares. Looking specifically at you Orphan of Kos.


So it's tough ...

Yes, but it has so much more. While the game is brutal, it beautifully brings you into the chaos that is Bloodborne's world. From it's opening scenes until one of it's three endings, it keeps you invested. The Gothic Victorian design mixed with H.P. Lovecraft, brings a dreary and dead world to life. The enemies are wonderfully crafted, the environments are creepy, and the bosses will linger with you long after.

So it look's good ...

But how's it play? Like butter on a skillet. Fucking. Smooth. It's fluid. It's fast. And if you die, you only have yourself to blame. Most of the time. Controls are tight and responsive, with the exception of trying to use motions controls to gesture. 

Who's it for

Fans of tough games. Solid adventure games that don't hold your hand nor will it spoon feed you the story. You have to want to learn about the game. It gives you just enough to keep you coming back.

Ok, but gimme a score


My greatest regret in life is knowing I will never be able to play this game again for the first time.



Real quick

This is my first review, I plan on working out more of a system and how I want to frame these. I appreciate anybody taking the time to read this. I'm still trying to work out how to post images onto this. My browser isn't 100% cooperating yet.

Cheers to the Fact


- Sic Transit Gloria

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