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What's your favorite weapon from Resident Evil?


Over the past few weeks, I've seen some discussions start anew about the old topic of which of the two Resident Evil 2 characters has the cooler weapon loadout. Overall, most people seem to agree that Leon gets cooler weapons but Claire gets a few critically effective weapons that make certain situations easier to deal with. In my opinion, I love Claire's grenade launcher in how it's such a get out of jail free card for most situations. Two zombies? Acid round. Licker? Fire round. It can be very inflexible with it's one shot and reload, but practically nothing gets away from this thing without at least staggering.

The incredible amount of research that has come from players in an effort to understand just how much damage zombies can take and how much damage you can dish out, in addition to smaller quirks like Claire's unique Quickdraw Special obscenely long reload animation despite firing strong .45 ACP rounds. It made me realize just how much we associate with the weapons of Resident Evil, alongside its memorable characters and corny stories. Like, how can you think about Resident Evil 4 without bringing up the Red9, arguable the most effective and powerful pistol available to Leon? Next to other pistols Leon gets, the Red9 has a sizable clip size, snappy reload, and impressive stopping power. I mean, you can even attach a stock to it as a testament to its kick. Who can forget Chris and his laser guided satellite cannon? And then there's even the bionic arm from Resident Evil 7's End of Zoe DLC.

Ever since finishing REmake 2, I've been a convert to Claire's grenade launcher. It's certainly not something I break out very often, especially since she gets the very versatile Hp3 handgun, complete with an incredible laser sight that makes pinpoint accurate spam very potent and viable. Seriously, just unload a few rounds into some kneecaps and dance your way to freedom, saving those precious grenade rounds for more important occasions like lickers and ivies. Still, it's not uncommon to have two or more zombies, and using an acid round instantly de-legs the whole lots of them. Something that'd normally take something around 8 to 10 bullets to do normally. True, Claire's MQ-10 machine pistol gets sandbagged pretty hard for how weak it is, and Leon's lightning hawk is way better than the reinforced SLS 60 with high powered rounds (especially since it takes forever to focus), but just having the grenade launcher with a healthy supply of ammo makes me supremely confident. I can say the same with RE4's Red9 or the infamous 100 shell Striker.

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