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Game In Progress: Februaury 2019


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Who has two thumbs and didn't get any progress done in his game? This fuckin guy! February was a pretty hectic month -- more than it should have been. Admittedly, it could have all been smooth sailing had I gotten my shit together. But... I don't. I deal with everything in waves, for better or worse.

But I had to do something, so I went on just before making this post and tried to make some progress. And I did!

So due to that, this February update post will be in March, will be like a 1 minute read, and March will now have two update posts.


Stretched sides of game

The first thing I noticed was the serious wide angle camera views. This ain't IMAX! The wideness caused stretching near the sides of the player's viewport. So I reduced the player's screen sizes when playing (seen above in the red circle). Now it doesn't look so stretched out at the edges.

Smaller viewports

While moving the balls to playtest, I noticed the camera's weren't actually "attached" to any of the balls. The script I had made has the camera move in relation to the ball, but it doesn't focus on it. So when moving the balls to different areas of the "level" for testing, the camera would stay put. The test would start and the player camera would be moving when the ball moved, but it wouldn't be looking at the ball. Very annoying.

I quickly made an empty "object" called Char 1 and Char 2 that held both the camera and ball. Basically, I made a box for both the ball and camera. The "box" has its own axis, so by moving just this box (the parent object), both the camera and ball would move together. Thus the camera would still have the right view.

I applied this parent object logic to my level, plane, thing -- eh, I don't know what to call it. But I put my walls and ground together into another empty object (my box). Then I duplicated the parent object. Now I have two planes -- er, terrain things.

But I immediately realized If I wanted to continue to use this specific type of plane, I had to create a prefab, which is just another way of saying blueprint. Instead of duplicating the object manually each time, a prefab can automatically create the object. When I want to use this prefab for a section in another scene entirely, I just need to drag the prefab over into that level. Then an object is magically created into the scene. Easy peezy!

Two levels

I have my shit together -- for the most part -- this month. I should be able to create many more prefabs and levels next time around. I wanna have something playable by summer, but who knows how life wants to fuck me over in the future. I'm half-kidding when I say that, but it's also half true. Life just loves to gives me lemons and squeeze them right in my eye. And oh does it burn.

I always say progress is progress. Even something as small as this. The nice thing about this is that I am doing this for me and I am my own boss. There's no rush or deadline, just knowledge and growth. I'm doing this just for the love of it. Til next time!

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