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In Response to Riff Raff's Stupid(ly) Awesome Video Games Challenge


Small Disclaimer: I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.

Just like that, I had been challenged.  Riff Raff mentioned me in his C-Blog about a "stupid facebook challenge." Something about having to list 10 games that had an impact on you in some way shape or form. I'm a hard sucker for challenges so of course here I am going to be explaining why these 10 games have such an inpact on me. Without further ado, let's do this thing. (Also note these are in no particular order.)

Oh and try not to cut yourself on all the edge.

#10 Max Payne





I mean come on. This game SCREAMS Soulbow. Everything about it (and the sequels, which are just as important) is amazing. The gunfights, the slow motion bullet time, Max's way of dialect. It's all just so perfect. I like this series so much I even enjoy the movie (might also be because I'm a huge sucker for Marky Mark.) They didn't lose any of the edge or heart of the games with the sequels either, so that right there marks something special.


#9 Borderlands 2




Spoiler alert, I'm a sucker for loot based games. If a game has a loot system, it's basically a given I would play it. I did play Borderlands 1 but sort of slept on it. This one though, oh man it's so good. Playing it co op with the better half while she was in university was really something special to me. We both have max level characters and the laughs, love, frustration (FUCKING DROP THAT INFINITY PISTOL DOC.) Just cumulated to make this game one of the greatest of all time. Oh also I like the humor, fight me.


#8 Kingdom Hearts 2





(This one gets a bit personal so skip it if you're just looking for fun.)

My grandfather was one really cool dude. He was what my family called a "bad influence." He brought me to the ponies, took me out for sugar for the first time, said words like "don't PISS me off (ooo bad words!) He was what a grandfather should be. The night before him and my grandmother had come over for dinner (they lived about an hour drive away each way.) We had a good time, laughed, told stories. All was good.

The next morning me and my sister were gaming on my PS2 cause it was a Saturday. I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2, in the tutorial area still (that fucking long ass tutorial.) When my dad came in. Fortunately I wasn't playing GTA San Andreas (which I most definitely was NOT supposed to have.) I thought he was going to yell at us for gaming so early and do something with our day. He wasn't there for that. He sat down inbetween us, and asked me to pause my game, kindly. Pulling us close I saw pain in his eyes and he just said "grandpa passed away last night in his sleep." My sister broke. I didn't. All I thought about was how he had asked me to mix him a drink last night, which was a big deal due to the fact his doctor said he could only have one per night. I instantly thought that I had done him in. That this was all my fault, something I struggled with for a few months.

Of course it was silly, but kids don't know any better. After about ten seconds I asked my Dad "where's Mom?" Since it was her father I knew she was hurting. He assured me that she was in the bedroom and that she was fine. I've never been able to play Kingdom Hearts since. The better half wants me to play them with her cause "Disney yay!" I keep putting it off. Maybe one day I will. Just to remember the man who drove with me and when everyone else was telling me to not listen to such disgusting music, he told me. "Rob Zombie? That's a weird name. Play it. I want to hear this!" And started nodding his head along and enjoying it. I love you grandpa, thank you for being you.

#7 Tales of Symphonia




Yeah, a JRPG on this list. Fucking shocking I know. This was one of the very few RPG's I played all the way through, and the only one I've beaten twice. My sister and I did the first co op run and me and my buddy did the other one. It's such an endearing tale, full of epic scale and fun characters. The battle system is also amazing, and juggling dudes in the air before Genis hit them with a lava volcano never ceased to bring a smile to my face.

#6 Gears of War



Like this wasn't going to be on the list. Gears is an amazing series, and an awesome story. Sure, it's a bit simple and "bro" in the way it approaches things, but underneath all that blood and carnage exists a real story about love, loss, and fighting for what you believe in despite overwhelming odds. Me and my buddy stayed up all night back in middle school, with a 4 pack of red bulls and champed this game in one sitting. Such fond memories, and the sequels also hold up just as well (excluding Judgment.)

#5 Diablo 3





Ahh my thinking game. Like I stated previously, I'm a loot whore. So Diablo just ticks all of my boxes. I actually like to play this game when I have to think something through deeply (which, I do, a lot.) Mindlessly killing things and watching numbers pop is akin to working a stress ball for me. Something just clicks and I'm able to formulate my thoughts much better. So thank you Diablo, thank you for giving me the ability to work through some hard times in my life and to not get into my own head too much.

#4 Killer 7




This one is special because it was my first M rated game. I had to hide it from my parents cause M rated games were a big no-no in my house. My god what a first introduction. The style, weirdness, and just plain DIFFERENT SENSE of everything this game had was amazing. I may not have any clue what the fuck is going on (does anyone?) But it was one helluva ride.

#3 Silent Hill 2




I had a hard time choosing between this one and Downpour, but I think Silent Hill 2 beats it. The atmosphere, perfect pacing and length, and of course the twists and turns truly make this a special game. I also replayed it again to show the better half it about a year ago and it holds up amazingly well. It works because it relies so heavily on tension and atmosphere rather than just straight up jump scares.

#2 Deadly Premonition





I did NOT think this game was going to be any good. Picking it up from a store for $15 I was ready to just beat it and move on. What I found instead was a gripping, thrilling murder mystery with just enough "what the fuck" (ok there was a lot of "what the fuck") to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. This game is a pure example of story over gameplay, as I will admit, the gameplay itself is quite ass. Doubt they'll ever make a sequel, but what do you think Zach?

#1 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege




If there's one thing I am, it's predictable. Did anyone really think Siege wouldn't take the last spot on this list? That being said, Siege is special to me for a different reason. Rather than be because it's the best damn multiplayer shooter out there, or the constant updates to it, or just the sheer variety in match to match play; it's something else.

I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of being a part of D-Toid (February 27th mark your calendar bitches) and this is why its taken this spot. It brought me into and allowed me to become part of a community. Yeah, you. You reading this right now. I've finally found somewhere where I believe I belong. Somewhere I can talk, bullshit, and discuss things without fear of reprisal. Being a part of a community which is so accepting is something I've never had before in my life. Now that I have it, I never want to let it go. So this spot doesn't go to Siege, oh no. It goes out to all of you. Thank you for being you and for accepting me into your community.

And that's all of them! I now nominate anyone who feels willing to do this. I'm really bad at finishers. So in closing, tip your waitress, and play Siege.

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