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False Download Content.

[begin rant] OK, so allow me to define for you what I consider to be False Download Content.. Itís when a game gets downloadable content that is already on the game disc. Itís when your new "downloadable content" fits into a tiny 108kb file. Itís when cheat-codes or in-game money costs real life money.. I think you see where Iím going.

You know, for the most part- I think the Xbox Live Marketplace is awesome.. but every once in a while somebody just has to go and mess it up a little. Take for example Electronic Arts- theyíve got a history of selling cheat codes on the marketplace, and while some of us gamers cry foul, thereís still enough damn people buying those pay-codes to warrant further gamer exploitation.

Some games offer these tiny DLC unlock keys for free [Dead Risingís costumes] but when youíre charging money for something stored on the DVD, it just looks shady and it rubs gamers in the wrong direction.

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, EA is still charging for cheat codes with Need for Speed: ProStreet, and now even Sega is charging money to unlock items in Virtua Fighter 5 Online..

With Need for Speed ProStreet, you at least have the option to beat the game to get rewarded with the same cars and performance packages which are currently offered as paid downloadsÖ but with Virtua Fighter 5 Online- Iím pretty damn sure you canít unlock those costume items with hard work.. but for some rea$on, those item$ are $itting on the game disc anywayÖ Itís frustrating to see this happening, and the only way to fight this is with your wallet, do not buy!

DO NOT LIKE. [end rant]
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