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RE2 Hardcore S+ Route Notes


Good morning to you all. What follows is maybe not the typical thing to go into the C-Blogs, it's more of a guide. All the same, I figured some folks here would get some use out of a very shortly worded routing guide to get them through the Leon A scenario of Hardcore mode in RE2 Remake in under 2 hours.

The wording may be a little vague in places, and I use a lot of shorthand abreviations to keep it easily skimmable. Each bullet point represents roughly one major thing to do, but I don't get too anal about sticking to that rule.

If anyone has any questions about the notes, just ask in the comments, I'll try to clarify. Enjoy!

(abreviations: Hgun = Hand gun. Spray = First Aid Spray. Gherb, Rherb, Bherb = Green, Red, Blue Herb. Shot = Shotgun. Powder, Ypowder, Bpowder = Gun Powder, Yellow Gun Powder, Blue Gun Powder.)

Leon A


  • Run to PD
  • Open shutter, get hgun ammo in press room.
  • Get spray in bathroom, open next shutter.
  • At main hall, get knife open next shutter.
  • Get hgun ammo, run to ready room for more.
  • More hgun ammo on zombie, kill two zombies here in hall.
  • Get board, use on window, go to 2F.
  • Kill zombie coming downstairs and the one in the corner, get her hgun ammo.
  • Go to 3F, get Spade key, go back to 1F.
  • West office, get hgun ammo in locker, open safe combo 9L, 15R, 7L for hip pouch.
  • Exit thru Spade door, go to 2F east reception, thru Spade door there.
  • Go into statue room, get weapons locker pass.
  • Trigger chopper crash, go to 1F get bolt cutter and boards.
  • Cut chain, cut next chain to center office, get Flash, Fuse and Valve. Open door.
  • Open shutter w/Fuse, get Spray in main hall.
  • Go thru reception room and board first window.
  • Cut chain in ready room, get detonator and 2nd Flash.
  • Use pass in weapons locker for shotgun and ammo.
  • Go to 2F, use Valve and open locker with CAP combo for shot ammo in both lockers.
  • Go thru steam, get powder in locker run into STARS office, get battery and combine w/detonator.
  • In this room, get Shot ammo, Flash, combine Ypower and Bpower for Shot ammo, get Spray, toss Bolt Cutters.
  • Exit, run to Shot ammo on couch the way you came, thru steam go to 3F.
  • In attic, use detonator hold open library door by exit, get medal solve with Lady, Bow, Snake.
  • Flash the licker, walk to library.
  • Go to 2F, solve Unicorn w/double fish, scorpion, pouring water, kill all zombies in Library w/shot.
  • Unlock door to main hall, toss Spade key, solve Lion w/ Lion, Leaf, Eagle and drop off all medals.
  • Save 1. Time: ~15min.

Sewers to Basement/RPD

  • Pickup shot ammo, drop Flash and Spray, go down lift.
  • Get Nade at bottom floor, go onward to fight G1 (use knife to weaken and get grabbed, use shot at close range initially for 4 shots, then finish with hgun).
  • Get Rherb, hgun ammox3, nade, Gherb (combine), exit.
  • Get gherb at right up top, move bridge into place.
  • Drop off RGherb, Nade, Gherb go up ladder.
  • Examine exit, follow Ada, go thru cells to get Crank, go back.
  • Go to firing range room, get shot ammo and box w/keyfob. Unlock trunk for hgun stock.
  • Go to kennel, kill dogs in cages, go to morgue, open last drawer on right for Flash.
  • Go to hallway, open shutter, enter breaker room get electrical box.
  • Solve breaker: down, down, up, up.
  • Exit, shoot dogs in hallway if possible.
  • Exit area.


  • Get shot ammo on shelf across from save room
  • Get Bherb, Fuse, Ypowder in save room. Drop off Bherb, Hgun ammo, Electrical Box, Ypowder.
  • Shotgun the 3 zombies in the hall, use Fuse to open shutter, go up the outside stairs.
  • Use crank on shutter on 2F. Toss crank. Go to 3F.
  • Go to storage room, get Bherb and Cog, go back get Flash from locker, go down ladder onto roof.
  • Get Gherb at ground, combine w/blue, change water direction, kill or disable zombies.
  • Get Club key, drop herbs and Cog for Spray and Flashes (3).
  • Put out fire, get Rherb in hall past fire use Flash on X to pass.
  • Get Gherb and combine by stairs to 1F, cross to main hall.
  • Thru reception, run past licker into Club room, get Jack.
  • In main hall, drop knife and RGherb for Cog.
  • Go to library, move shelves into place from left end use Flash on X if needed.
  • Go up ladder, to 3F, enter clock room, shotgun zombie right outside door.
  • Place cogs where they need to go to get another Electrical Box.
  • Go back to main hall, grab reception Gherb if needed.
  • Pickup first Electrical Box, drop off Knife for healing or a Flash if needed.
  • Go East thru offices to basement, shotgun dog in parking lot.
  • Go to cells and place electrical parts (this puzzle is random).
  • Get Spray and Card in cell. Double flash thru zombie crowd and X. (don't open cell door)
  • Open shutter w/Ada, get Gherb outside if two free spaces.

Outside to Sewers

  • Get Nade on shelf in Kendo shop, and Shot barrel, and Hgun ammo.
  • Go thru Sewers to save room, drop Club Key, Nade, Spray(s), Flash(es) and go to Croc fight.
  • Save 2.
  • Dodge left, right, quickly left then shoot out gas tank. Get another Nade go up ladder.
  • Go down lift, pass thru the doors to start as Ada.
  • Disable fans, unlock door. Run around room to next hack point to unlock lift, go up.
  • Disable zombies if possible along the way.
  • Go thru door to next hack point, open door. Next point right above door to disable fan across room.
  • Open furnace get bracelet, hack the points in the furnace to exit (Bottom left, middle left, middle right)
  • Exit, back as Leon. Go up lift.
  • Pickup RGherb, Bherb (combine), drop off Nade. (just have shotgun)
  • Take right branch, go upstairs and shotgun two standing zombies, slide down to lower level.
  • Run past G Adult, go up ladder and jump down broken lift. Move bridge into place outside save room.
  • Get Rherb and crank by cablecar, open safe (combo on side) for shot stock, go downstairs, shotgun zombies.
  • Open shutter, go down into sewer, stun G Adults w/shotgun, avoid grabs if possible/heal poison.
  • Get Rherb on shelf in this room and Bherb. Shotgun zombie if needed, solve plug puzzle to get Flamer.
  • Avoid grabs on runback. Step up on island to avoid last G Adult grab toward end of room. Go up ladder.
  • Back thru shutter, get Gherb (combine) and open gate.
  • Use crank on next shutter, get Bherb here (combine into 3), go up lift.
  • Shotgun zombie, unlatch door and grab plug then go back down lift.
  • Go past G Adult take left branch.
  • Upstairs get Bherb, go to to plug save room.
  • Pick up a Flash, drop Crank. For boss fight have Shot and Flamer.
  • Solve plug puzzle:
    • Door side: Bishop, Rook,   Knight
    • Across:     Pawn,   Queen, King
  • Pickup Bherb, Gherb, Rherb (combine), solve breaker puzzle: up, up, down, up.
  • Fight: Stand under second fan from shutter against wall to avoid hands, stay by shutter when broken to pass by. Press button ASAP, pick up Flash and Knife behind you and toss a Flash early. User Flamer. Lay it on thick, use another Flash, this should 1-cycle the fight.
  • Save Ada, drop Flamer, Hgun ammo and Gherb (only shotgun, Knife, full herb).
  • Exit to cable car. (time ~ 55min)

Umbrella Lab

  • Enter security room, get shot ammo.
  • Save 3 here or later on, if you're comfortable.
  • Enter hall, get Flamer ammo in caf, run past zombies. Up ladder.
  • Get Knife in kitchen (optional), shotgun zombie in hall.
  • Get shot ammo in nap room and Flamer attachment and Blue Chip.
  • Cross bridge to East side.
  • In save room, drop Flamer ammo/attach, full herb, and Knife(s). Pickup Hgun and ammo.
  • Get Ypowder in hall, run past plant.
  • Get Flash, input code at nearby terminal:


  • Get dispenser, go to mixing room. Get Big Powder.
  • Solve mixture puzzle, (refers to button color): R, G, B, R, G, B, R, G.
  • Get solution, stun plants on way to ladder down.
  • Get shot ammo shotgun zombies laying down (3).
  • Sneak lickers past to hallway.
  • Shotgun zombie by stairs, get Ypowder and Module.
  • Go back down, shotgun second zombie on stairs.
  • Place Module, go to save room for Ypowder, and Flamer ammo (drop both) and Knife.
  • Replace Shotgun w/2 Knives if needed.
  • Cool solution, run back to ladder and get powder nearby.
  • Place solution, go back out for Purple Chip.
  • Stun plants with Hgun back to save room.
  • Cross bridge to West area.
  • Save 3 (optionally, save later on, closer to final boss fights)
  • Use module in next room, drop it and Hgun (and ammo).
  • Have the following for boss fight: Shotgun, Flamer, Knife, RGherb, 4 Nades, and Chip.
  • Get virus, go to boss (maybe check for items?)
  • Optionally, Save 3 here instead.
  • For fight: toss all Nades, pop eyes w/shotgun. When vulnerable use Knife from behind to hit all limbs then focus with Flamer/Shotgun until dead.
  • Get Spray and Flash, go up lift.
  • Get Bherb to make a full one, go down central lift.
  • Get Spray and Knife at bottom.
  • Drop Chip, pickup another Spray (Have 3), the Shotgun, Flamer, Flash, Knife, a full herb.
  • Stun plants on way w/shotgun, drop Shotgun at last box for another Knife and healing item.
  • Have a Flash, a Knife, Flamher 4 full heals (1 full herb or more if possible). Get battery.
  • For last fight: start by knifing across all limbs for max damage, stay behind him. Grab Launcher when it falls, may take 3 shots.
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