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Crazy SSBB Babelfish Translations Vol 3.


Thats right, once again its time for some stupid Japanese to English (Engrish) translations from our very own Smashbros.com. In case you are not familiar with what I am doing, I take the text from the English Super Smash Bros. Brawl site, then I compare it to what happens when I run the Japanese site equivalent through Babelfish. Many lulz follow. Lets get rockin!


If you want to show your opponent a little flair, you can do moves unrelated to battleóitís called taunting. You do it with the +Control Pad, except when using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

This time, you do one of three different taunts, depending on the direction you press the +Control Pad!


Doing the movement which is not relationship in opposition, it exhibits room in the partner, "appeal".
Other than the remote, the cruciform button is used.

This time, it can put out the appeal of 3 sorts with the direction of the cruciform button when!


She curls herself in some sort of new stretch.


Like rhythmic sportive gymnastics round and round.


He gives a shout on the spot.


Shout it is at that place and tries inserting. (ooh kind of dirty)




Large! (Seriously. That one blew my mind)


As you can imagine, the lava level will indeed rise and cover the platforms. Itís dangerous to touch it.

That dangerous-to-the-touch lava comes flowing from a number of places, so be careful.


Not to be different to the imagination, the umbrella of the lava increasing, there are also times when the land is covered.
When it touches, dangerous.

When that it touches, dangerous the lava, from the various places
Being to flow main point note.

(My personal favorite of this batch)

Whoa! That looks hot.


It probably will heat


So thats all for this week. I love finding stupid things to do while bored at work. So did I make you lulz, or was that a complete waste of time?
Also, buy Super Mario Galaxy. I cant fucking turn it off. Its amazing.
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