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January Blues


January is always a bit of a bummer in my opinion. A new year is always exciting but we also move past the holidays. There is just a special atmosphere that takes hold around the Holidays and it's wonderful. People seem more helpful and jovial. Even those with really sour attitudes brighten up a bit. People also tend to be more forgiving and open. It just makes me wish that we could carry that kindness for more than a day or even a month. Maybe we would find ourselves living happier lives. 


This leads me to the point of this blog. January has always been a bit of a hurdle for me. It heralds the end of festivites where the clock resets for another year. Don't get me wrong in many ways that is a wonderful thing to have a fresh start. On the other end I feel like many people slip back into a mire of discontent, anger, or any number of personal poisons. The kindness fades and it's back to the usual. I don't think the New Year should mark the end of our change but a continuation of our progression in a positive direction. To be better than we were last year. So I've resolved to do my best and make January a better month for myself, and hopefully by extension others. 


Now normally I do an end of the year giveaway but because of the move I’ve had to move things around. Considering how I feel about January though why not take a bit of time to make something of it. I guess this is a good a place as any to start. For this giveaway I want to know what your favorite moment of 2018 was, and what you may be looking forward to in 2019. Could be anything of your choosing, doesn’t need to be game related. All you need to do is comment and you will be entered provided you meet the criteria stated under “NOTICE”. I'll anounce the winners in a blog where I discuss my own moment of 2018 and aspirations for 2019. 


So you probably want to know what's up for grabs this year. Take a look. 


Top Prize: Chosen at random from all eligible posted comments.

-A 50* value card from a market place of your choosing. Top prize winner can also ask for a specific item in lieu of a card, though it is not guaranteed that you will get that item. The choice between the 2 is at my discretion.


Runner ups: 2 other comments will be chosen at random to receive the following.

-A 10* value card

See below for further details. 


An example to explain further: if you live in the UK and won you won’t get a card worth 40£ (which is roughly what $50 will get you), you will receive a 50£ card despite the difference in $ to £. Basically you will always get the higher value of the 2 currencies.


I am not affiliated with Destructoid, I’m just a community member so Neiro or any entity attached to this site have no hand in any of this. You can PM me if you have a problem. Also because this is a community driven giveaway someone should tell Limomaker that it’s open to *everyone in the community, including overseas D-toiders. I have read every one of his comments on the other giveaways, here is a chance for *everyone to join in.


*Everyone is in reference to the community excluding the following: Randos, bots, and Fresh accounts. Those 3 categories are disqualified from entry. Fresh refers to any account made post October 2018, Randos or Random people are users who aren’t really part of the community but drop in to leave their 2 cents on an article without much engagement beyond that. Primarily they don’t participate in the site or interact much with the community. Bots are self-explanatory. They all can comment anyway, they just arent eligable for any prizes. 


You have until the 17th of January to leave your comment and enter after which I’ll collect all the eligible participants and announce the winner when I’ve run them through the selection process. Multiple comments will not increase your odds of winning and anything posted past January 17th 11:59pm will not be counted. 


Most importatly don't forget to have fun. 


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