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Resistance Burning Skies review


You know it's the end of the world when games like Resistance Burning Skies can be released at full price

Resistance Burning Skies is what happens when a company is so desperate to push their new hardware out the door without so much as a QA test.
Sony was so desperate to make the first ever portable duel analog stick First person shooter that in order to beat anyone else to the punch they completely forgot everything that mattered.
How should I begin to review this travesty, first off the story, there is none you play as a fireman during the alien invasion of earth set between the events of the first two games your character and npc's constantly references things that you've never seen before and never will see. the characters all pretty much sound the same and there is no emotion in the voice acting what so ever.

 Character's will mostly stare off into space with no direction and the lackluster visuals don't help to make the story more engrossing either. Throughout the games barely five hour mini campaign which is falsely lengthened by horrible checkpoints that will force you to watch the same cutscenes and dialog over and over again you will mostly rely on 3 weapons to fend off the chimera. your default ax the first machine gun tat you pick up, and the rocket launcher. All the other weapons are either completely pointless since they do pretty much the same thing, or are so much of a pain in the ass to use that it isn't worth the time even switching to them. Because unlike in previous entries in the series burning skies requires you to switch between your weapons by rotating through your weapons roster in real time. Since you can't pause while switching this makes the whole point of being able to carry more than two guns completely meaningless. Not that it matters since like I said the only two guns that are worth a damn are your rocket launcher and machine gun.

 The rocket launcher damages bosses, and the machine gun is used for everything else. I didn't even bother with the other guns because of how unnecessarily complicated they are to use. The bulls-eye which let's you target enemies by locking on to them by tapping them on the screen with your finger to launch a homing laser almost never truly feels like it's under your control. That's because the controls are so loose at default that you pretty much need to adjust the sensitivity , but guess what; like any bad game you can't adjust the sensitivity only the button layout. In fact the controls are so stiff and unresponsive that you might as well stick the Vita up your anus and let your innards play around with the system's controls. 

The melee attacks are even worse when you hit an alien with your ax they will die immediately with the same death animation every single time, and sound effects are terrible. all your guns sound the same and make the most unconvincing weapons ever. I've heard water pistols that sound more threatening then these guns. The games final chance to redeem itself is with its multiplayer. Sorry no luck here. across the games 3 incredibly small maps 
you and up to seven other people will participate in the same exact game modes with absolutely no diversity what so ever. 

This game is an insult to every one. the fact that Sony charged full price for what should be a fifteen dollar download game at most when you could probably buy the entire Resistance trilogy on PS3 used for roughly the same amount, and with the PS3 being roughly 100 dollars now you could by the entire system and all three Resistance games for the same price that you could buy the vita and this piece of crap. There is no comparison. If you have 300 bucks on you, and are an avid FPS fan and you don't have a PS3 then buy one and get the whole series, but leave games like this where they belong in the very back of your mind never to ever be laid eyes upon. SCORE 0/10

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