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Who have you been playing in Smash Bros. Ultimate?


It comes in waves, a new fighting game, a new chance to learn characters to pummel your friends and enemies. But Smash has always been that unique game that attracts fans and hardcore fighters alike. Now with Ultimate on the scene bragging about not only is everyone here but everything being smoother with over 70 characters, picking a character to play for just one match seems daunting, let alone picking one to dedicate yourself to so that you're better ready to wreck shop.

Smash has slowly grown over the years to me, at first being a goofy party game where everyone has unified movesets and easy to understand properties to more and more complex character design and kits. For example, I never would've imagined in Smash 64 a character having an invincible move you can use to get out of a sticky situation but now in Ultimate, several characters have moves you can throw out that leave you completely intangible. Useful for breaking out of uncomfortable mixups and pressure. Part of the reason why I like playing Zelda and Incineroar on occasion are both their neutral special attacks having intangible frames to stop pressure cold. Speaking of Incineroar, all his throws are strong and he has an amazing command grab with side special, which makes it easier to mixup people who shield often, and Incineroar's throw game is a trait shared with Bowser and Ganondorf.

Maybe you just have some character loyalty, like playing over a decade of Captain Falcon to justice knee every generation of fighters. Or maybe your interest has been piqued by something interesting like how K. Rool has a breakable layer of super armor that let's him belly his way through everything. Regardless, who have you been loving in Smash Brothers Ultimate?

I am once again being a masochist and playing Little Mac, because I think his high-risk/high reward style of incredible power and terrible recovery is fun. I mentioned Zelda before, who has also seen buffs, especially to her Phantom Knight move which let's her Jojo Stand her way to space control. And my Global Smash Points is a reflection of how bad I am with Incineroar but getting a Revenge stack and landing his Alolan Clothesline is incredibly satisfying. I also derive a crude laugh from mixing up people with his Cross Chop move, since most people don't expect Incineroar to actaully use that move to attack rather than recover. But plenty of times I've recovered high and surprised people with a sudden impact. It's a laugh riot and I love saving those replays.

- Show me your moves

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