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It's my birthday! #darksiders2


I had a free ten minutes today because my son was out at toddler drop kicking practice so I looked at my bookshelf to reflect on what I had to sho for my 42 years on this planet. 

I noticed an issue of Nintendo Power on the bookshelf and couldn't for the life of me remember why out of all 300-ish issues of the magazine in print, this was the one I kept on my shelf. 

So I took a look.

Oh, this is starting to make sense now. 

Yeah, that's the stuff. 

And oh wait, what's this guy doing in there?

Having worked for Dtoid in some capacity or another for ten years now is definitely a privlidge, and because I am old, nothing makes me happier than seeing that legacy represented in old fashioned videogame magazines.

Seeing our beloved mascot appear in Nintendo Power got me thinking about all the other stuff I helped bring to print this year, so I made a video about it. 

Maybe the most fun thing for me is, I got to write about one of the magazines I contributed to earlier this year (A Profound Waste of Time) for one of the other magazines I write for (Nintendo Force) for an issue that comes out early next week. 

So I'm 42! Ten years at this website! Loving it all the time! Here's to another 42! I love you! Goodnight! 





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