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Hey guys I made a few smash guides for whoever is stuck at these parts


Will be updated with more videos as we go along but for now we have Rathalos, Cruel Smash, and SPOILER (below)


For this boss he is a bit unique versus every other smash boss as he doesn't have a "I did enough damage so they will be stunned for a bit phase"

You specifically have to throw deku nuts at HIS HEAD **IMPORTANT** or it will not count. Any other area is non-effective. For the Grounded ! Balls you want to leave them as traps for him when he charges.

Who has the highest (ground/base) jump in the game?

Simple as can be it is a list.

How to Defeat 3 characters in Cruel Smash Mode

It's a pretty cheesy technique that I used in Smash 3DS (my Wii U version involved lucina and a back throw also on channel lol) but both are effective.



GALEEM the last boss of the World of Light side

So if you made it hear you should know....this isn't the end but still a cool fight. He only has 4 attacks and are pretty easy to dodge. His hardest attack is a netting of lasers which requires a speific timed dodge, all in all fairly easy...even in hard mode.

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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