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What did you wind up buying on Black Friday?


Last week, we asked you guys what you were holding out on buying for Black Friday. This week, we want to know what you actually pulled the trigger on.

Most years I go absolutely HAM and gobble up every good deal in sight. I think my high point on just video games alone is around $200, and that's mostly stuff giong for $20 or less. Sometimes, I lack self control. This year was not one of those times.

I resisted Microsoft's cries of yearning with their excellenet Xbox One deals. I told Crash Bandicoot, "No, no, no" when he offered himself to me for a mere $25. I even resisted the digital deals that promised me a future of reduced hassle when moving by placing all of my video games on a hard drive instead of my already-crowded shelf. I withheld my money like a step mother withholds affection, and I feel great as a result.

I only splurged on three inconsequential items. I finally picked up the fuck-it-we-tried Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV for a mere $20. Resident Evil VII: Gold Edition now adorns the hallowed shelves of my bedroom, again clocking in at a mere $20. And I can finally play what seems to be the definitive versions of Bayonetta 1 and 2 thanks to Best Buy offering a pittance off the asking price and giving it to me for $40 -- still around ten bucks more than I'd have liked, but a good deal on a Nintendo-published game, none the less.

These games will remain in their factory plastic wraps until the sweet release of death takes me away into its loving arms, where Black Friday can no longer tempt me.

So, we want to hear what you picked up this Black Friday. Were you one of the millions and millions of sports entertainment fans who picked up a new Switch? Did a new 4k TV beckon with you its eye-degraded diodes of HD splendor? Did you finally pick up one of those Japanese games where you tickle eighth graders? Let us know in the comments below, and we just might feature your response in a front page article!

Get to work, Dtoid.

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