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Why am I still playing Fallout 76?


Got to level 55 and launched 3 nukes in Fallout 76. I pushed through despite the frustration and boredom because it's Fallout. That was a mistake. There is quite literally no endgame. After level 50 leveling up is meaningless as you get no stats, only the option to pick a new perk that would have to replace one in a setup I'm already fine with. No quest rewards go higher than level 50. Guns and armor only go to level 50. All nuking does is create higher level enemies that are pointless to fight except to raise the meaningless level indicator.

I pushed through the all the bugs. The T-posing enemies, disappearing quests, quest markers pointing in the wrong location, having to server hop a half dozen times to kill a ghoul for a quest that for some ungodly reason stays dead on a server even though killing him is part of a main quest, perk cards not working correctly, random crashes, hitching, super low framerate (which is something I'm not normally bothered by but it's extreme here,) redoing entire quests after randomly disconnecting from the server, enemies clipped into the geometry so that I can't kill but the can hit me, Camp items disappearing when my camp is relocated when they should be stored, and many more.

I also pushed through despite the ridiculous QoL issues such as the extremely limited storage, inability to place blueprinted camps unless I rotate them to just the right spot, bullet sponge enemies that are a chore to fight at higher levels, stupidly small budget on camps so you can't build anything bigger than a house, PvP scaling that favors lower level players, being able to spawn right where you died so killing someone is meaningless as they can come back again and again with no penalty, disconnects causing you to lose all owned workshops making capturing them pointless, some items that shouldn't be scrapped for junk because they're needed for crafting get scrapped when you hit the scrap all junk button, armor and specifically power armor taking so many resources to repair you're forced to farm to keep things at a good condition, fast travel costing way too many caps, vendors only holding 200 caps a day so you can't sell enough to clear space in your constantly full stash, unique quest items don't scale so if you get a cool unique for completing a quest at level 25 you are quickly stuck with a useless piece of gear unless you wait til level 50 to embark on these quests, food expires too quickly and some food expires when it shouldn't such as sweet rolls which are perfectly preserved for 25 years when you find them but if you pick them up they expire in an hour, etc.

All this is on top of the fact that the game has basically no story, the main quests are just there to lead you to the nukes, and then there's no conclusion. Every single quest is the same thing, just listen to a tape/radio/read a paper and kill some stuff. Then bring a thing back to a place. That's all there is to the game. The sad thing is that the world itself is interesting and there is some good environmental storytelling, but exploring places just becomes a chore when you have to fight waves of spongy enemies that respawn on a timer so you can't really take your time or you'll be stuck fighting again. That and one of the numerous glitches is bound to fuck things up in the time your exploring. I really don't know what the point of playing this game is. Fuck. Also I realize that the grammar on display here isn't great but I don't feel like formatting. I'm so done right now.

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