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What have you been holding off on buying until Black Friday?


I have no problem admitting this: I am a cheap bastard. A very cheap indeed bastard, as it were. For about 90% of the things I buy, I'd rather wait until there's a decent sale or discount and go without than pay full price and have it now. This goes for literally everything -- food, clothes, toiletries, games. You name it, and I'm waiting to buy it until it's much cheaper than it is right now.

Which is why Black Friday kicks so much ass. Retailers are desperate to pull money out of my wallet and into their cold clutches, and will stop at nothing to lure me into their web of consumerism. For the most part, I withhold my affection to the Retail Gods like a distant stepmother; but come Black Friday, I wiggle these fingers and grab indiscriminantly like Uncle Terry after four too many glasses of wine over Thanksgiving dinner.

Uncle Terry (probably)

Like everyone else, there are always a few items I specifically hold out on until they hit those sweet, sweet Black Friday prices. I think pretty much everyone holds out for TVs and other electronics, and Amazon usually has some pretty good deals on their brands of various consumer goods. Hell, my mom used to wait to buy candles until Black Friday. Uh, I guess there are good BF deals on candles? Who knew?

But for me, gaming is where this capitalist spending orgy of a "holiday" really shines. Consoles get huge discounts and special bundles, and games hit those magical sweet spot prices that I kept saying I'd bite on back when those suckers were sitting at full MSRP. You just fucking know you're going to get some hot deals on those games that have been sitting on the shelves since February, anxiously waiting those perfect price points to finally find their home.

So our question to you is: What specific games or gaming items have you been holding out on until Black Friday?

For my part, I held off for almost a full year to get my hands on Crash N-Sane Trilogy. I loved the Crash games growing up, and though $40 for three classic games is a decent deal, I told myself I wasn't going to top $20 on it. This is my chance, baby. Also Nintendo games don't get dick as far as discounts go, but if Bayonetta and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker get any sort of discount at all I'm diving in head-first.

Crash I want you, but only if you're $20

Let us know in the comments below what you've been patiently waiting for and your sweet spot in price, and we just might use your response in a FP post on Wednesday for the world to see. You'll be famous! Like me! Except not for showing your genitals one too many times in a Food Lion freezer section. Hopefully.

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