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Dtoid Secret Santa 2018 Turbo Arcade Edition


Ho, ho, ho, ho, a Santa's life for me

It's that time of the year again! No, not China's Singles Sales day, that was on November 11. It's time for something not nearly as cynical, though as materialist -- Christmas!

Amna's father, maybe?

Destructoid's Secret Santa is a time honored tradition -- one that even stayed in the same pair of hands this year! One thing stays the same: You are assigned another Destructoid community member in secret and have to gift them something for Christmas, and likewise you'll receive a gift from a secret other user.

There's no hard rule on pricing, but if you're looking for pointers 20$ is usually a good target. Don't feel like you have to get something expensive to show appreciation to the person you're sending a gift to, it's the thought that counts! Likewise, don't expect anything out of what your secret santa will give you, keep your mind open.  If you feel like you can make cool things by hand, you can totally send a gift of your own design!

If you wish to help your secret santa figure out your tastes, there's a handy wish list function on elfster. Santas don't have to stick to the wishlists (and in fact, I think it's better not to follow them, the gifts are more surprising that way!) but it's a good way of letting people know what you're into. 

The Sign-up deadline is November 19, so you'll get to know who you're paired with on November 20. Then you'll have until Christmas to deliver the goods!

If there are 3 or more late sign-ups, I will do another draw on December 1st.

(and maybe write a blog about what you receive if you find it relevant???????????????)

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