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31 Days: Day 22 - Uncanny


There is a thin line that separates the uncanny from the terrifying. The length and position of said line may be different from person to person but it is there nonetheless. What often gives me a fright are uncanny children’s items. There is an expectation and a sense of familiarity that would normally be comforting, but when crossing into the uncanny that expectation is twisted. This starts as unsettling which in time may transition to irrational fear. The kind that has you looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re alone.

Five Nights at Freddies: Main theme

I have a love hate relationship with FNaF. I won’t knock Scott for his creation. He found something that worked and ran with it. I do however dislike the effect it had on the rest of the industry. Like P.T. many developers seemed to have thought that a few simple jump scares would make a good horror game. FNaF ended up being a success in large part due to the community that formed around its lore. The other half I feel is relative to the uncanny designs . While I personally am not frightened by them I can see why many people (including children) are.  They take the concept of chuck e cheese and turn it into a nightmare with a killer set of animatronics that stuff you into a mechanical death trap. Their design is off, the bird has human teeth, the bear’s human proportions look unsettling, the rabbit’s joints look wrong in addition to its dirty look, and the fox rushes you like a predator. The subversion of their expectations in what should be innocent mascots makes it frightening (for some).

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