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Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure 2018 - "Prologue"


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So a while back I did a series of Choose Your Own Adventure style blogs. People seemed to like them, so in the spirit of Halloween, I am starting a new one. I will be writing a horror story one chapter at a time. However, before I get started I need a little help.

I am inviting the Dtoid Community to help play along in this little adventure. In addition to choosing how the story will progress I have some prompts I want to ask you to help me write the story. I did something like this last time, to help engage readers and get the thing to feel like a game. Though I’ve made some adjustments to the formula to aid in creating a better story.

What I need from you, should you choose to play along, is:

A Setting


Every story needs one, and this story is no exception. I need you to pick a setting for the story to take place in. Note that the story will take place entirely within this setting, so choose carefully. I’ll be picking my favorite setting, so consider that before you answer. You wouldn’t want to throw away the chance of me picking your setting because you wanted to make a funny, would you? (Who am I kidding, this is Destructoid, of course you do)

An Intro


In addition to the setting, I am giving you the chance to decide how the story starts. Write a beginning sentence (just one sentence, any more and I won’t pick it, run on sentences are also auto disqualified). This sentence will help set the mood for the rest of the story, so try to come up with something befitting this spookiest of seasons. This subject is tied to the setting in the sense that I will automatically have to use the sentence that is from the comment whose setting I choose. 

An Animal


Pretty self-explanatory. Name an animal and I will include it in the story somewhere. How I use it is up to me, so go ahead and try and throw me off with your choice. I DARE YOU!

Pick Some Numbers


Pick one of the following sets of numbers: 0,6; 1,5; 2,4; 3,3; 4,2; 5,1; 6,0. Don’t ask what it’s for, just pick one. This one will be picked by drawing a name from a hat, so it’s random. 

And that’s all I need from you at this point. My goal is to have Chapter 1 up by this coming Sunday. No idea how long each chapter will be, but I will aim to make them more or less the same length. At the end of each chapter I will leave 2-3 possible ways for the story to continue, but instead of having a poll I’ll just have people vote in the comments for each chapter AND in the comments in a qpost that will be bumped for 3 days.

I have a general idea for the story, but nothing beyond some loose details. Nothing is set in stone yet, and nothing will be until I have the first suggestions all picked out. There is plenty of time as I will officially start writing Friday. You can either leave your suggestions in the comments below, or in the qpost I made for this topic. 

I look forward to seeing people’s choices and I hope you will enjoy the story I write. Thanks in advance to everyone who will play along and also to those who don’t but still read the story. 


- Thank You For Reading, And Remember: Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. #TeamSandwich

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