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31 Days: Day 2 - Dont Cry for Me Tonight


Today’s Entry comes from Night Cry, a spiritual successor to the clock tower series.

Normally I would include a soundtrack but upon review the whole thing was scrubbed off youtube rendering my original link useless. 

The real horror in Night Cry is how poorly the game turned out. Looking back on it rather recently its worse than I remember it being, which is a shame because conceptually there is a pretty good game in there. Unfortunately the game is bogged down with nonsense dialog, bad controls/collision, and obtuse puzzles. In addition to that the playable characters save their common sense (cents) for cash registers, have all the stamina of a dead fish, and all the dexterity of the QWOP guy.

The game also presents players with an abundance of items to examine and interact with but most of them do nothing and the observations are almost always at odds with the current situation. For example in the second act you take control of Leonard Cosgrove:

He is looking for help on an island and finds a poster of a model, remarks on her beauty and wonders if she’s still acting. Meanwhile the ship is stained with the blood of numerous dead passengers, one who was killed by a vending machine

just look at those glorious animations.

 and countless others hacked up by the scissor walker. Oh there is also a phone charger out in the middle of this near deserted island. I know that’s the way you save the game but it just doesn’t fit the location. I didn’t even see any generators or anything that could provide power. This is just a fraction of the nonsense that is Night Cry. This is a real shame because the Scissorwalker is actually a pretty cool reimagining of the scissor man. Its just stuck in a very mediocre game. Maybe somewhere donw the line someone will give Night Cry another chance.

In the mean time I would suggest giving the soundtrack a listen. Unlike the rest of the game it actually isn't all that bad, unfortunatly you would need to buy the game to get the OST off of steam as youtube has removed them. Why not donate that money to charity instead. A better use of both your time and money this October. 


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